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October 2012

What Is Reiki Attunement?

Reiki Attunement is the process for a Reiki Master to pass on the Universal Energy to their Student, so that they can use Reiki to heal themselves and others. Through the Attunement process, a person is able to access the Universal Life Force in order to heal and balance a person, place, or situation. Attunements […] Read more

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There are Seven Main Chakras used in Reiki. These Chakras reside in our subtle or spiritual bodies, which are mirrored by our physical body. The Chakras are capable of giving and receiving energy. It is believed to be in optimum health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and the Chakras have to be purified and balanced […] Read more


In the practice of Reiki, sacred symbols are used in the transferring (giving and receiving) Universal Life Force Energy. The symbols in Reiki serve as a focal point in which the universal healing energy is channelized through symbols to the practitioner, in order for them to heal someone. The symbols enhance energy and increase its […] Read more

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Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’. Based on Yogi Philosophy, the Chakras are spiritual energy centers of body. According to the Eastern Indian Healing Practices, the Chakras exist in the esoteric double of man, which is the spiritual part of human being. Our spiritual essence mirrors our physical body. Chakras are energy centers […] Read more


Correlation between Aura & Reiki

Aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body. Our aura and body connects through energy centers called Chakras. Unless a person has psychic or highly tuned spiritual abilities, Aura appears invisible to the naked eye. In true words, aura is an electromagnetic force field that surrounds every living organism and object in this […] Read more