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Importance of Self Attunement

Hello, Beautiful Souls! I am so happy to be back with my next article, though in this article I am only catering to Reiki Teachers or people who are planning to get initiated to Reiki Teachership soon. When one becomes a Reiki Teacher, we are taught about the symbols, how to give attunement for various […] Read more


Reiki Attunement

Reiki attunement

What is actually a Reiki attunement? We all were attuned to the life force, sanjeevani (we call it at present Reiki, the name given by Dr Usui) by the almighty God, at the time of the creation of the Universe. We all were aware of our connection to the Supreme power. We all were aware […] Read more

What are Attunements All About

One of the most strange and mysterious things about Reiki to those first investigating it is the attunement process. Even the word “attunement” leaves a bit of mystery. It sounds like a vague and unknown thing that is impossible to wrap the mind around because there is nothing in the experience to compare it to. […] Read more


Science has a habit of supporting spiritual teachings even though they may first appear to be at odds with one another. For years science and spiritual teachings were thought by many to be antagonistic yet as ignorance and fear has given way to knowledge and understanding that apparent gap has closed as we have come […] Read more

Seven Attunement Tips for Reiki Teachers

The main purpose of the Reiki attunement is to activate the innate healing ability of the individual. But it is often so much more than that. Every time I attune someone, I experience a positive internal shift myself. Over time, I have grown to love giving Reiki attunements. Every attunement experience has been different. But […] Read more


Do Distant Attunements Work?

The rose

Do Distant Attunements Work? This question has the power to evoke endless debate and controversy in the Reiki community. This question has the power to evoke endless debate and controversy in the Reiki community. Through this article, I would like to share my personal experience and viewpoint on this important topic. And I do so […] Read more

Magic Blue

Article by Justine Melton Anyone who has gone through a Reiki Attunement knows that it brings on a 21 day cleanse. During this time you may feel a great release and feel light and joyous. It is also possible that you may feel all sorts of things, experience flu like symptoms and in more serious cases […] Read more


Attunement Triggers Healing Crisis

Spring Beauty

Lots of people believe that once they are attuned to Reiki they will never be sick for very long again. They think they will be able to heal themselves from any illness they previously struggled with, no matter how long it went on. I thought this as well. The truth is, many people who are […] Read more

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