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Logical Explanations to Reiki Attunements

Article by Charisma Phatak

A few days ago, I was appointed to teach a couple of people about Reiki Master Teacher Attunements. Our students asked us wonderful basic questions on attunements. This article enlists our discussions.

Q: What are Reiki attunements?

A: Reiki energy is a Universal energy which surrounds everyone, everywhere and every time. A person who is not even attuned to Reiki energy still has Reiki energy around him. All of us are forever connected to this Divine Energy.

So the question is what are Reiki attunements? Given below are some answers:

  1. Reiki is one of the healing modality which needs attunements since it is the energy dealing with the person’s subconscious mind – which connects soul and body together and channelizes information from spiritual/mystical world to the physical body. Hence, the person has to go in a meditative state or in trance for allowing his/her subconscious mind to attune to Reiki energy via Masters. A typical example, the sim card (i.e Reiki) which receives and translates information can be inserted ( i.e attuned) in mobile ( i.e person) when the device is closed (i.e meditative state).
  2. During attunements rituals, when the student is in trance state, the Masters cleanse, align, heal students’ auras and chakras and then blesses the students with energized Reiki symbols into students energy channels.
  3. It is a process by which the person takes a conscious decision of uplifting his/her body’s vibrations to the highest and purest Divine Reiki Energy.
  4. So attunement is like literally tuning with Divine Energies in the same way that we tune the frequencies of Radio Channels.

Q: What happens after Reiki Attunement?

  1.  During attunements, our third eye is activated and psychic abilities are awakened. We gain clarity on our soul’s life mission. Our life is happier, merrier, less chaotic because we make decisions on the basis of our intuitive guidance.
  2. It shifts one’s awareness to a higher level to educate or gain knowledge and wisdom about this beautiful powerful Divine Energy.
  3. Attunements aid in establishing the connection with spirit guides and other spiritual beings.
  4. Our auras are aligned with our physical body.
  5. It triggers the expansion and usage of the subconscious mind which guides us in scanning auras and chakras, detecting attachments or any negativity, and further helping us in healing ourselves/situations or others.
Logical Explanations to Reiki Attunements

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Q: Is it necessary to receive attunements to be a Reiki Healing Channel?

A: I want to say that we are always surrounded by Reiki Divine Cosmic Energies. Everybody has the access to Divine Energies, but people who aren’t attuned to Divine Energies will have delayed prolonged process in becoming a Divine Healing channel, but yes I have seen they are good healers too who aren’t attuned to Reiki energies yet they are an excellent healing channel. Attunement just expedites the process. The choice is yours, whether you want to HASTEN your spiritual growth process through attunement or not. There is a huge shift when you get attuned by a Master who implants these symbols at soul, mind, and body. The merging, fusing of Master and students auras during attunement, raise the student’s energy to quickly tune to Divine Energies and become an Energy healing channel.

Q: Masters say not to disclose symbols to students unless attuned. What is the sacredness of Reiki symbols, that’s available everywhere online and internet?

A: Symbols are available everywhere, but they are just mere symbols. Whereas, Sacredness means to use with good intent and not to tamper with the Divinity. Please, let’s not equate transparency with sacredness. Yes, Masters guide us not to share symbols, because the person who is not attuned, for they may tamper with the Divinity of symbols and usage. During attunement, the Masters energizes the symbols, give life to symbols, and then implants in our energy channels and there is a magic after the attunement, you get huge infinite Divine knowledge about usage of these symbols to heal your issues and manifest your desires.

Q: Are distant attunements effective?

A: Distant healing and attunement are equally effective as in-person sessions. Since energy is not limited to time and space and Reiki is a Divine Cosmic Energy, a very wise, smart, intelligent energy, will reach the concerned person perfectly. For example, you see electronic modes of communication that is whats app, emails etc – these are also an energy. Now when someone sends a mail or msg to you, only you and you receive it not your friends or relatives. And you check emails and messages anytime as per your convenience. Similarly when masters send Reiki healing or attunement for a person in distance through Chi (energy) ball, it’s only meant for that particular person and the person can receive the energy anytime as per his/her convenience just by stating simple intention “I am now ready to receive healing energies or attunement sent by xyz masters”
Intentions are like password of your emails through which u start downloading information.

Q: Can we self Attune to Reiki?

A: We can self Attune to Reiki and other healing modalities but this self-attunement is more effective, successful and powerful once we are a Master (level 3) because by then our energy channels, auras, and chakras are opened and expanded and we are in perfect alignment with the universe. For Reiki Levels 1,2,3 self-attunement can be possible, but cannot guarantee the success of attunement because our energy channels are blocked during our initial Reiki Levels and we cannot tap into Divine Energies with ease. A Reiki Master Teacher can easily unblock all the channels as well as implant the energized symbols.

Q: You say energy vibrations are raised during attunement. What exactly are high vibration and low vibration level?

A: I would explain via water example – You see water is frozen to ice when it’s at very low temperatures. Ice is a rock, if I pour water, water doesn’t flow easily through this ice right, for its condensed… So low temperature becomes low vibrations (which includes greed, ego, insecurity, hurts, anger, worries) and that blocks our channels in receiving any high vibrations energies ( blessings, peace, healing etc). Next now if I boil this same water at high temperatures, then we generate vapors or steam, which easily flows everywhere. If I add more tap water to boiling water, the water will still flow freely… So this high temperature is our high vibrations (positive perception) and because high temperature yields steam which easily flows everywhere, and that’s how when we vibrate at higher vibrations, we get aligned to cosmos making universe our companion further resulting in quicker desire manifestations.

Loads of Divine Love and Blessings

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Charisma Phatak
Charisma Phatak

Charisma Phatak is an engineering graduate and a MBA from nationally acclaimed institutions. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and Healer, with a long standing Reiki experience of 13 years. She practices Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Angel Reiki, Lavender Flame of Quan Yin, Wagle Reiki, Celtic Reiki, DNA Reiki, Magnified Healing, Imara Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Divine Light Ascension (DLA).
She, along with her sister Jhilmil Bhalwar is the co-owner of “Supreme Reiki Centre” at Pune, India. Her life with Reiki has been like unlocking the door to unlimited happiness!! Find Charisma at https://facebook.com/supremereiki

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  • Ujwal May 14, 2018, 4:34 pm

    As always perfectly explained

  • Rainy☔🌨 July 24, 2018, 2:22 pm

    It’s just awesome dear @Charisma. Very informative. I am going to receive the distance attunement for 3rd degree after two days. Hope it would have the same effect like direct attunement. Thank you dear. Love & light to you….🌧Rainy 🙏❤

  • Meeta January 2, 2019, 3:19 am

    I had a query. After Level-1&2, if a person does not practice Reike for a long time and then starts again, does that person need Attunement again?

    • Charisma Phatak May 21, 2019, 12:22 pm

      Pardon me for the delay in replying. No attunement is required. Just 21 days cleansing needs to be done again, if restarting after a long time. Once attuned, forever attuned. However, Plz honor the calling within for the reattunement. Loads of love & Light. Thanks & Regards

  • writeously July 9, 2019, 3:58 pm

    Intentional infinite “thankh you” Charisma!

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