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The Angels and the Zodiac

The angels and the zodiac

The angels, as well as the zodiac signs, are closely related to the planet. They are the ones who are in charge of regulating the transit of the stars, following the orders sent by God. There is one angel for each zodiac sign and also one contrary angel, the first one will help our virtues […] Read more


Sending Angels to Children

Sending Angels to Children

All parents feel anxious about their children from time to time. They want their children to be safe, secure and comfortable. Different stages of the child’s growth present different challenges to parents. At the very extreme, a toddler may have a hard time being away from her parents for a few minutes, while a teenage […] Read more

Opening up to Angel Communication

Do you ever think about the angels? Do you wonder if you can communicate with the angelic realm? A lot of people shut themselves off to the possibility of communicating with the angels. The reasons for this are usually one or more of the following: 1. They believe they are not equipped with the skills […] Read more

Guardian angel with wings as a symbol of safety and security

Article by Ashima Gautam All those learners of healing therapies are always curious about Guardian Angels. I was also one among them when He got me alert to my life purpose and put me in the healing therapies. I used to have so many questions running around in my mind about guardian angels and I […] Read more