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Do You Really Know How To Manifest? Know Your Road-Blocks!

Article by Chanchal Mishra

Who doesn’t want their wishes getting fulfilled? Well, I guess everyone wants to see their best dreams becoming reality! We desire the best of all possible people, relationships, materialistic pleasures for ourselves but think again, how many of us can manifest all of that easily? Umm not as many, right? So the word is out, today we are going to review and see where exactly the magic of manifestation goes wrong. What are the roadblocks to manifestation? Let’s start…

Hate: It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself or the world. Deep down in your subconscious, the habit of being adamant doesn’t let you move further. If you hate someone or some situation, you attract more and more of it till the time you develop love and forgiveness in your heart!

Control: Many of us have this poor habit of controlling things! We want the things exactly as per our plan, but guess what, the universe has its plans too. Remember your plan is centralized on yourself or your wishlist but the universe has a wider perspective than yours, before bringing your dreams to reality it has to weave many pathways. So letting go is something that you want to practice often.

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Negative or Degrading Talks (Thoughts): I have met people in life who believe that speaking low about themselves or others will help them bring ‘closer’ to their manifestation! As weird as it sounds, it is very true. However, these people forget that when you talk or think low of others, you lower your vibrations and your body and energy are programmed to remain in that vibration and attract exactly what you do not wish to receive. So next time someone is gossiping make sure you ignore them and keep your vibes high!

Action: You cannot sit and wait for the magic to happen, there are many times when you need to move and take a step towards your goals. Analyze what can you do to make a situation better, how can you bring your manifestation closer. If there is a job you have been dying to have. Ask yourself, are you qualified enough, did you apply the right way? Do you network enough? These are very important things that you must do to bag the best job for you. Nothing replaces hard and smart work.

Do You Really Know How To Manifest? Know Your Road-Blocks!

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Not Living in Present: Imagine when you try to concentrate too much on something, what happens at the end? You cannot concentrate at all! There is this category of people who procrastinate endlessly and wonder why their dreams are so far away beyond their reach. They are living in a world that doesn’t exist in the first place because they took no action at all or took way too many actions. Either way, they are not going to manifest since their focus is on the result, they are ignoring or not accepting the present reality.

Lack of Faith: This one is the deal-breaker when you are trying to manifest something. When you show love to manifestations, they reflect. If you do not show love and dedication to your manifestation why do you think it is going to arrive anyway? I have seen movies where they sarcastically mock faith but guess what, these movies have made a huge amount of profits. Emotions are sold these days, and the ones going through rough patches are the ones who buy them. I am not asking you to be insensitive but your emotions are very personal, do NOT buy everything that is sold to you. Say NO! Move with faith and see how fast your manifestation comes to you! Follow what inspires you and supports your faith.

To sum it up,

If you too are frustrated and do not understand why your manifestation is taking forever to come to reality then now you know exactly what to do. If I personally ever have issues manifesting, I often call in my higher self and angels to guide me and bring me faith and peace.

I hope you all benefit from this article greatly!

Love and Light

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Chanchal Mishra

Chanchal Mishra

Chanchal Mishra is a Certified Reiki Master and Angel Therapist. She also practices Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angel card reading, Money Reiki and Karuna ki. Chanchal completed her English Literature Master’s degree from Delhi University. She also completed her Post graduation in Fashion Marketing from California, USA. Chanchal loves to read and write. In her free time, she empowers others and provides guidance to those in need. Reach her at healsattviki@gmail.com

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