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Article by Pinky Punjabi This is my first article with Reiki Rays so I wanted to write about the Reiki very close to my heart after my Usui Reiki and decided will write on Money Reiki. Money Reiki has brought in tremendous changes in lives of many I have healed and also for me personally. It […] Read more


Infinity Abundance Grid

Here, abundance doesn’t mean only money. Abundance means anything abundantly, whatever you desire – be it money, love, protection, peace or whatever. Money, a single word, which helps us achieve and fulfil our goals and wishes along with your hard work and luck. Money doesn’t grow on tree but we can try things that attracts […] Read more

New Moon Ritual for Health, Love and Money

New moon is the time of action – to start working towards your goals and wishes, to manifest perfect health and relationships, to start a new venture and finally see all these reaching to a new peak in near future. This New Moon, let us concentrate on 3 main aspects of life – Health, Love […] Read more

Full Moon and Stars

Article by Jan Taylor With a full moon, we very often write what it is we want to let go of. Yes, a moon for letting go, but also a time of being able to manifest whatever it is your heart desires. The energy over the last few days has been really intense and left a […] Read more

The Midas Star - Reiki Abundance and Prosperity Symbol

One of the few stories, which we have read in childhood, is of Midas touch. Whatever King Midas touched, turned into gold! Including his lovely daughter! At some point of our life, whenever we have faced acute cash crunch I am sure some of us have wished to have the Midas touch. Midas Star is […] Read more

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