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Heal Your Money Limiting Beliefs for Reiki Success

Article by Christine Renee

You may wonder why Reiki is not as popular as other healing modalities. Why do Chiropractors, massage therapists, and many other healing practices thrive in the mainstream while Reiki practitioners stay in the shadows?

What is holding us back?

One of the reasons may be a cultural belief that one should not charge money for spiritual healing services. Some cultures required spiritual healers to take a vow of poverty, while others ensured that their Shamans, Oracles, and Priestesses were well provided for without a direct fee for services.

These beliefs are not reflected in Reiki history. Even Sensi Usui had an active Reiki practice and outgrew his first clinic and had to build “a bigger one in Nakano, Tokyo.” (cite: Yamaguchi, Light of the Origins of Reiki, pg 63-64). Not only was Sensi Usui providing Reiki and training, he developed a thriving business and society to sustain the growing number of Reiki Ryoho practitioners.

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In our culture today, money is the way we measure the exchange of energy. Money itself is neutral. It’s only our beliefs that make us averse to money.

As Reiki practitioners, we need to take a look at our unconscious beliefs about money and learn to embrace the flow of abundance. Healing our blocks to financial success, individually and collectively, and presenting ourselves as valuable, will encourage people to choose Reiki as their complementary healing modality. Our energy as Reiki practitioners is valuable and it is time for us to charge appropriate fees for services.

How do we change our cultural limiting beliefs about money?

There are three steps:

  1. Recognizing subconscious limiting beliefs about money
  2. Releasing limiting beliefs
  3. Replacing those beliefs with positive money affirmations
Heal Your Money Limiting Beliefs for Reiki Success

Step One: How to Recognize Subconscious Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs are often buried in the subconscious, and may be difficult to identify on your own. It can be helpful to ask a close friend or family member what they think your limiting beliefs are.

Another option is to finish these statements:

    • I am not financially secure because…
    • I wish I had more money, but…

Another helpful trick is to read over a list of possible beliefs and see what jumps out at you. Here are some possibilities:

    • Money is the root of all evil
    • Money isn’t important
    • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
    • There isn’t enough money
    • I will have to work hard for money
    • Money is bad for me
    • I cannot make money and be spiritual
    • Money makes people greedy
    • People with money misuse their power
    • Money will contaminate me
    • Money will make the IRS come after me
    • People will hate me or be jealous if I am rich

Write down which ones you relate to.

Step Two: How to Release Limiting Beliefs

This technique comes from Dr. Joe Vitale to help reveal why we hold onto limiting beliefs and breaks them down by recognizing that the belief is false.

    1. Pick one of the limiting beliefs you recognized in step one and write it down.
    2. Ask yourself “How does this belief serve me?” or “What benefit do I have by believing this statement?”. Write that down under your belief.
    3. Ask yourself ”What is the benefit of the benefit in the above statement?”. Write that down under the last statement.
    4. Write out your conclusion statement.
    5. Write out the original belief and conclusion statement together.
    6. Then ponder “Is the statement true??”

For example:

    1. Belief: I cannot make money and be spiritual.
    2. Positive benefit: People respect me/ don’t judge me if I don’t make a lot of money.
    3. Positive benefit of the benefit: I am protected against being hurt.
    4. Conclusion statement: I stay safe.
    5. The belief that I cannot make money and be spiritual helps me stay safe.
    6. Ponder: Does this belief actually keep me safe? No. Actually, I need money to stay safe, to pay the bills, to feel secure, to expand my business potential and therefore my ability to help more people.

Now try it with your own statement.

Step Three: How to Replace Beliefs With Positive Money Affirmations

Affirmations that are repeated numerous times a day help replace subconscious beliefs. Examine the false belief. Make a statement that is totally opposite of that belief.

For the example above, the positive affirmation may be any of the following:

    • Money serves me and helps me grow my business.
    • Money is an energetic neutral currency. I choose to see money positively flowing into my life with ease.
    • Money supports my spiritual business.
    • Money supports my life and all things in it.

Continue this work and seal the deal with the following exercises:

    • Show gratitude each time money comes flowing into your Reiki business. Put money and checks you receive into a glass jar (if payment is digital, write it out) and give it Reiki before depositing.
    • Free yourself from the belief that spiritual people don’t deserve money by looking for those you respect who operate in abundance.
    • Reiki your checking account by visualizing extra zeros on the end of the amounts.

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to eliminating limiting beliefs surrounding money! Look for the next article on how to use Reiki to actualize your new prosperity!

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Christine Renee

Christine Renee

Christine Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher since 2004 and Shamanic Practitioner since 2010 living in Bozeman, Montana where sees clients and holds classes at her local business, ReikiCafe. Christine has also developed a strong international community on social media. Her Facebook group, ReikiCafe, is over 2000 members strong and helps to educate, inform, and empower Reiki Practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. She offers online courses at the ReikiCafe University which provide both monthly membership programs and Reiki business courses with more in development! Learn more about Christine Renee and all her offerings at www.christinerenee.org

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