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10 Tips to Manifest Money with Reiki

Article by Christine Renee

Divine Inspiration dawned on me a few weeks ago.

The way I was going about business – always hustling, never enough – was limiting my higher purpose. Also, not charging enough led to my clients to undervaluing what they were receiving. If they were paying more, they would take the services more seriously.

My ah-ha moment came with such clarity. Contrary to my previous beliefs, increasing my prices would actually be in alignment with the Reiki Principles, my higher purpose, and the good that I am offering others. It was time to step up to this higher vibration.

As I took my dog on a walk, I chanted my Ho’oponopono prayer, and there in my path was a $20 bill. A sure sign from the Divine that I was on the right path.

Here are my top 10 tips to get in alignment with universal source energy to manifest the green using Reiki!

Tip 1. Believe that the Universe has your back!

Know that you are in co-creation with the Divine. Every thought, word, and feeling is a signal to the Universe about your desires and the Universe returns exactly what you send out. Therefore, watch your thoughts and words and feel the feelings of what you want more of. The easiest and fastest way to do this is through gratitude. Take to heart our Reiki Principle: Just for today, be grateful. Find all the minuscule and grandiose things in your life to be grateful for. The Universe will respond by giving you more things to be grateful for.

Reiki Application: Send Reiki to all the money showing up in your life! Bless all checks, cash, and Venmo transfers with Reiki!

Tip 2. Believe that your financial situation can and will change for the better!

Get clear on your desires by writing them out in a positive way. For example, “I create financial opportunity to cover all bills and expenses and have enough to overflow into savings, spending, donations, etc.”

Reiki Application: Offer Reiki to your list of financial desires!

Tip 3. Forgive yourself and others for financial wrongdoing.

You are not your credit card statement or your student loan debt. If you struggle with your past financial decisions, reevaluate the way you look at them. Move from a victim lens to one of empowerment. What lessons did you learn and how will you make decisions in the future? When talking about your past financial lessons, slow down your reaction time and choose positive affirming statements. For example, “I choose to make new positive financial decisions.”

Reiki Application: Using HSZSN, Reiki your past financial situations and anyone who you may blame for your financial hardship, including yourself.

10 Tips to Manifest Money with Reiki

Tip 4. Get clear and set goals!

Journal on why do you desire money and what you would do if it showed up. Desire is the Universe’s way of pointing you in the direction of your dreams. Your job is to ask and to be specific about your desires. The Universe will take care of How. Stop denying yourself this key component. The Universe did not forget you and has a purpose for your life!

Reiki Application: Reiki the desires written in your journal entry.

Tip 5. Focus on your purpose!

You need money to fully manifest your Reiki Dreams. Define your Reiki Dreams, follow your enthusiasm and joy. Face your fears and press forward with faith. Go for it! The Universe will guide and support you.

Reiki Application: Spend 5 minutes per day offering Reiki using HSZSN on your Reiki Dreams.

Tip 6. Fake it ‘til you make it!

Daydream as if it’s happening now. Feel the feeling of having abundance. Confidently wear clothes and jewelry as if you had it. Eat out and savor a gourmet meal.

Reiki Application: Reiki all of it! The daydreams, the clothes, the food, and enjoy life as if money was already in the bank.

Tip 7. Give money away!

This is a true test of your money mentality. If you’re in an abundant mindset, giving some of your earnings to those who support you spiritually is easy. If you’re struggling with this one, lack of mentality needs further healing. Remember, you are one with the Universe. The Universe is abundant! Therefore you can embrace abundance! Money is a renewable resource!

Reiki application: A way to start the flow is to Reiki a $1 bill and hide it in a public place where someone will find it. Imagine the joy of them finding unexpected money! As you get comfortable, expand this practice.

Tip 8. Meditate.

Get quiet, breathe, and let Divine Inspiration show up, even if it’s for only 5 minutes. Seriously, set an alarm and just do it. Sitting quietly awaiting Divine Inspiration is the first step to receiving the action steps that you will take later. Notice any distracting thoughts and let them go by following your breath. Keep a journal nearby for money inspiring ideas.

Reiki Application: Set your intention, invite your guides and begin your quiet time with Gassho Reiki meditation.

Tip 9. Do what you love and take time for self-care.

Joy inspired activities may lead you to your next money break through. The volunteer position that you love can lead to a paid position or the next awesome client who wants to give you gobs of money for the thing you love doing the most! Follow your heart and take care of yourself with daily self-Reiki or visit your favorite Reiki practitioner. Receiving will help you to maintain alignment with the Universe and open doors to financial abundance.

Reiki Application: Reiki yourself while you sleep. Start your self-Reiki session before bed and ask for your guides to continue to offer Reiki while you sleep. You will have the best sleep of your life, feel revitalized and stay in alignment with greater ease.

Tip 10. Get Support!

Hire a coach, find an accountability partner, or the website development techy to help support your desires and dreams. If Olympic athletes have coaches, so can you. If you’re trying to start your Reiki business or other soul inspired work solo, it’s time to ask for help.

Reiki Application: Send Reiki to your dreams and desires and ask the Universe to show you a sign directing you to the person most energetically aligned with your purpose.

Take your tips and playfully put them to use! You’ll find that your money mindset will shift in the process as you apply your Reiki applications. Have fun in the flow of abundance!

Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Christine Renee

Christine Renee

Christine Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher since 2004 and Shamanic Practitioner since 2010 living in Bozeman, Montana where sees clients and holds classes at her local business, ReikiCafe. Christine has also developed a strong international community on social media. Her Facebook group, ReikiCafe, is over 2000 members strong and helps to educate, inform, and empower Reiki Practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. She offers online courses at the ReikiCafe University which provide both monthly membership programs and Reiki business courses with more in development! Learn more about Christine Renee and all her offerings at www.reikicafeuniversity.com

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