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How to Use Reiki and Symbols to Heal Relationships?

We posted some ideas for using Reiki for healing relationships. It is actually a fact that Reiki can contribute a lot in maintaining healthy relationships. When a relation becomes positive, we anticipate moving ahead with peace and calmness. However, with any sort of negativity in a relation, there is probability of getting anxiety and stress in nature.

This article is based on the usage of Reiki and its associated symbols for healing relationships. Your openness in relationship will matter the most and Reiki can work in a way to channelize your all involvement in positive vibrations and leading to success of any association, venture or relationship. The best outcome of all possibilities will prevail with entrust built upon life.


Image by David Masters

Reiki Masters make use of various symbols for establishing interconnection among people.

1)      Power Symbol makes use for flowing Reiki energy and establishes the connection between two or more people.

2)      Distance Symbol starts setting up relationship between two or more people.

3)      Emotional Healing Symbol is used to make adjustment in energy flow and helps a person to use their intuition for bringing peace and harmony in relationships.

The implementation of these symbols has to be attained in a way that it creates a positive association between 2 or more people. These three symbols are used in an order, so that to establish connection and set up a relation between two people to get synchronization between them.

If you find discrepancy in your relationships, you should try out Reiki as it can have positive impact on your association. It can enable you to institute positive ways of handling relationships and getting certain about building a mutual collaboration with peace and harmony.

Reiki symbols can be effective in building stronger relationships. If you want to build stronger roots for any association, try out Reiki and feel change in the intensity of your relations. Just keep in mind that Reiki works for the highest good, whatever that may be – and sometimes the outcome might be quite different from what we anticipated :).

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  • Emalini September 25, 2013, 12:32 pm

    want to learn and become attractive to people, i don’t know why people use me and then finally discard me. i would like to feel happy.

  • olwyn November 5, 2013, 10:19 am

    What is the order of the symbols to use for improving the relationship? Is it the order you have listed the symbols?

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