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Sei Hei Ki: Get to Know It, Practice Using It

Learning the symbols and committing them to memory isn’t always straightforward. Some are complicated and it can be confusing remembering what symbol does what.

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Sei Hei Ki is a high vibrational symbol that works on releasing the mental and emotional blocks that inhibit our energy flow. This symbol means ‘the earth and sky meet’ or ‘man and his creator become one’. You can think of this as the conscious and subconscious, the light and the darkness, or any duality that represents the two extremes of the same thing coming together for healing.

The energy of Sei Hei Ki is gentle – and it needs to be – working on releasing emotional and mental blocks can be a difficult process. The vibration of this symbol is one of unity and strength enabling us to see the cause of our blockages and giving us the fortitude to let go and start afresh.

You can use this symbol in conjunction with other symbols in a layering style or sandwiching between Cho Ku Rei, for example, to focus the Reiki energy where it is required.

Sei Hei Ki is one of the simpler symbols, consisting of three parts. In order to help you learn this symbol, you’ll find a meditative practice below that walks you through drawing the symbol, committing it to memory and then tuning in to the Sei Hei Ki frequency so you can feel the specific energy of this symbol for yourself.

Meditation Transcript:

This is a meditation style practice for getting to know the Sei Hei Ki symbol in Reiki. If you haven’t committed the symbol to memory yet, have a copy of the symbol nearby so you can refer to it as we proceed.

Get comfortable and close your eyes if you wish.

Sei Hei Ki means ‘the earth and sky meet’ or ‘man and his creator become one’. It is a balancing symbol and in particular, brings balance to the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves.

The symbol is broken down into three parts, working left to right.

On the left, is the first line which is a mixture of straight lines and curves, then to the right of that is the second line which is a long curve, and thirdly, the curve gets two hats or bumps on the righthand side of the curve.

Mentally draw the first line with your mind’s eye. Straight down, then straight to the right, curve back around then a short line down then go right. Finally, this line finishes with a long curve down.

Now the second line, one long curve, starting at the top. Then, add two hats.

Now say the symbol name ‘Sei Hei Ki’.

Repeat the process again.

Start with the first line. Straight down, then straight to the right, curve back around then a short line down. Head right, then finish with a long downward curve.

Now the second line, one long curve, starting at the top. Then, add two hats.

Say the symbol name ‘Sei Hei Ki’.

One last time on your own.

Draw the first line, then the second, now add the two hats and say the name, ‘Sei Hei Ki’.

Focus your attention on the symbol while we contemplate its meaning.

This symbol helps to balance and promote harmony and is drawn over troubled areas where Reiki energy is required.

It helps with the letting go of bad habits and addictions, improves concentration and memory and brings harmony where there is conflict.

What does this symbol bring to you? Does it raise up any images, colors or sensations?

Let your focus go for a moment and relax.

Tune in to your own vibration. How do you feel? Is there residual emotional or mental clutter holding you back from fully experiencing this moment?

Allow without judgement and then draw Sei Hei Ki in your mind’s eye again and rest your attention on it. Give it a suitable color and make it big and strong in your mind.

Can you feel the unique signature vibration of this symbol? And can you differentiate between your vibration and the symbol’s vibration?

Let your focus go for a moment and relax.

We will do that again. Feel your vibration, really feel it and allow it without judgement.

Then draw the symbol, make it big and bright in your mind. Now really feel the Sei Hei Ki energy. Focus and make it strong in your mind.

Now we’re going to do a little switching. Gently switch back to your vibration, and now switch to the symbol’s vibration. Do this with gentleness. Don’t use force.

Your vibration, the symbol’s vibration.

Switch to you, switch to the symbol. Switch to you, switch to the symbol.

Keep going, switching from one to the other.

Your vibration.

The symbol’s vibration.

Your vibration.

The symbol’s vibration.

Your vibration.

The symbol’s vibration.

What are you noticing? Are they becoming similar? Is it getting harder and harder to tell them apart?

Keep switching from you, to the symbol, to you, to the symbol… be gentle.

Are you becoming one with the symbol? Is the Sei Hei Ki vibrational energy becoming a part of you?

Is it bringing balance and harmony, peace and tranquillity? Does it raise a smile?

Relax your focus now and let it go. Let go mentally and bathe in your new vibration.

Ground yourself now, by placing your attention in your feet. wiggle your toes and imagine yourself firmly rooted to the earth.

Place the palms of your hands together in prayer position and spend a few moments cultivating gratitude to end this session.


Article by Phoenix Fenegan

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Phoenix Fenegan

Phoenix Fenegan

Phoenix Fenegan is a Reiki Master Teacher, yoga teacher, spiritual and energy explorer. Phoenix has a YouTube channel called Reiki Meditations which has many resources for Reiki students and those looking to experience Reiki. She is a writer of some note on yoga and spiritual matters and was first published way back in 1997. You can follow her on Instagram @reikimeditationsyoutube

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