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Ask RMT – The energy is following but I don’t feel anything in my palms

It’s exhilarating to feel subtle energy! But why some of us experience it differently than others, even through a unique language of sensations and impressions?!

That’s because we are each so individual. “We are complex beings with unique sensing apparatuses (our bodies), unique interpretive systems (our nervous systems), unique filters (our past experiences), unique environmental contexts (our cultures, communities, teachers, etc.), and unique clients.”

Today’s RMT article sheds some light over the situation in which you know Reiki works its magic but you seldom feel it through your healing hands. Has this happened to you too?

Question from Maura Reed:

“I have been practicing self-Reiki almost everyday for 8 months now and also practice on friends and family from time to time. When practicing on others, sometimes I feel a subtle vibration in my hands, but it is very rare. Or I will feel very warm energy waves through my entire body… especially when my hands are on the heart. I do receive positive feedback – but I question if it’s placebo or coincidence because I don’t feel anything in my palms.

Are there those of you who seldom feel sensations in your palms, but know without a doubt that the energy is following? If so, why do you think this happens?”

Answer from Elaine Grundy, www.reiki-centre.com

Thanks for your questions, Maura! It is a common one so don’t worry, I have even done a video on it – www.reiki-centre.com/post/feeling-sensations-during-reiki-self-treatment; it is something I get asked a bit.

Firstly remember that Reiki is universal life force so it doesn’t actually have a sensation. The sensations reported by others are what is happening in their body in response to Reiki. And this obviously varies greatly from person to person. For myself, I notice some weeks of very intense vibrations or heat, and other weeks with only mild sensations – it fluctuates depending on what is happening in my life, in my health, and in my levels of stress. In the video below I talk about how to increase your sensitivity in your own body so you can become more aware of how you are reacting to Reiki. As far as others are concerned – they are telling you how they are responding to Reiki. Just because you are not feeling anything does not mean they are not feeling anything – their reaction to Reiki and their sensitivity to it will be different to yours. All I can say is that with continued practice you will feel more – it’s a process of re-discovery; rediscovering your body, its sensations, and becoming more sensitive and aware of yourself – an unfolding process!

Enjoy and keep Reikiing!

Answer from Pauline Raphaela, www.awakeningofthesoul.com

As a practitioner, you may feel energy in various ways. Not feeling it your palms doesn’t matter at all. Feeling waves of energy or heat is validation healing is occurring. You are a vessel for energy to flow through, and energy will flow through you in many ways or in areas of your body, not just through your palms. If you believe the only way energy can really flow through you to another person is by the palms of your hands, you limit your growth. Trust, as a conduit that spirit is using you to heal that person, and that person’s soul is receiving the transmission and using it as they need. Part of being a powerful healer or conduit is to trust Life Force Energy is flowing.

Ask RMT - The energy is following but I don't feel anything in my palms

Answer from Phoenix Fenegan, www.instagram.com/phoenixfenegan/

Hi Maura, it’s perfectly okay if you don’t feel anything in your hands, especially in the early days. There’s probably a bit of pressure to ‘feel’ the energy every time so try to let that pressure go.

Physical sensations in the Reiki practitioner’s hands are not indicative of the quality of the Reiki energy delivered. Read that sentence again. The physical sensations you feel are not accurately reflecting back the quality of the Reiki the client is receiving. You are the conduit, not the source of Reiki.

Hand sensitivity can be increased by practicing an aura scan and looking for changes in the byosen (reikirays.com/78703/the-role-of-byosen-scanning-in-the-reiki-session/). Do you practice on plants? I can’t rate practicing on our non-human friends highly enough. Hand sensitivity increases the more we relax and taking as long as we need to tune in before we start. I trust you are drawing the symbols for your level on your palms daily too.

Practice and attunements will boost hand sensitivity. When I became a Reiki Master my hand sensitivity increased. When I became an RMT my hand sensitivity took a quantum leap forward so always keep learning and working with other Reiki Masters because you can learn so much from being in the same room as them when they’re healing.

Sometimes the palms of my hands ‘turn on’ automatically at seemingly random times throughout the day. It’s also often triggered by reading about or thinking about Reiki – see if anything triggers your palms and tap into that as a tool to ‘turn on’ when you need it.

Another point, and this is just a personal observation, if I’ve been doing a lot of manual work with my hands before I give Reiki then I really struggle to feel anything much. Once, I gave a massage and then went on to give Reiki – I couldn’t feel a thing in my hands energy-wise, I was quite worried. But the receiver gave the most detailed feedback of heat emanating from my hands, seeing colors and feeling sensations brush across his face. Me, I couldn’t feel a thing and I hated it! I won’t be doing that again. We’re all on a learning journey so please don’t doubt yourself and NEVER write your gift off as placebo or coincidence.

Hand sensitivity can be increased by practicing an aura scan, gassho meditation and looking for changes in the byosen.

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