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Reiki Symbols: Limiters of Potential or Not?

Article by Mihail Ghita

“If one can do it, I can do it. If no one can, I must do it.”

I heard this a couple of years back and it stuck with me so hard because this is how I’ve always felt about everything, especially when it came to the spiritual world and its endeavors or challenges. One of those challenges was not getting stuck behind Reiki symbols.

Just for a quick review, I have first came into contact with systems that work with energy about 24 years ago, but it wasn’t until 12 years ago that I actively started using them. I’ve practiced with a bunch of systems, some with symbols, some without, but it came to me that they all have the same source of origin, as we all do, even if it comes through different channels (Ascended Masters, Saints, Archangels, Gods, Avatars, etc).

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What are Reiki symbols?

You can simply consider them as energetic keys that vibrate at a specific frequency that open that respective dimension. Energy, information and entities come from that dimension and engage in the work you are doing.

When being attuned or having an initiation, these keys are implemented and integrated into our subtle structures, thus becoming one with us, though it may take a while to feel that way for some.

Reiki Symbols: Limiters of Potential or Not?

It is important to understand that the symbols are simply like what crutches are to a person with a broken leg. A help. Our goal while experiencing with Reiki (or other systems) should be to transcend the symbols. This means that after a certain amount of practice, specific to each individual, you should feel that Reiki simply flows through your body without the need for symbol activation. They are active within, they manifest within, fully, continuous and specific to your needs or intent.

You will understand that the light/energy you receive from your God/Primordial Source/etc already had this Reiki energy within, you just opened yourself to it and your attunement made it possible for you to feel it and use it better.

So the symbols will never hold power over you as they are a part of you and your manifestations. One’s interior resistance is the only significant barrier one has to overcome in this journey. When you will succeed, you will be able to fully manifest all of your systems’ energy types into one single beam, in perfect harmony and with a much improved efficiency, all in accordance with your own consciousness level.

I hope this will bring a tiny sense of direction and better understanding to those who feel stuck, clouded or have torn feelings about symbols.

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Mihail Ghita

Mihail Ghita

Driven by a strong inner desire to learn, grow and transcend his condition, Mihail embraced the unknown from an early age, getting the taste of Info-energy systems only to put them in practice later on when life decided it was time to “wake” him up. As years of practice went by, the desire and need to expand came again, this time tapping into different systems of Reiki such as Usui, Karuna, Ghendai, Grand Master, Shamballa MDH, Ascension and others, gaining Master/Teacher levels on most. This path had lead Mihail to understand that his calling was not about himself, but about reaching a point where helping/teaching others became not just a possibility but a way. Mihail email is: mihail.ghita@gmail.com

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