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Reiki Classes for Children – Part 1

Article by Kathleen Johnson

Several years ago, Reiki guided me to add children’s Reiki classes to my teaching repertoire. My initial interest was sparked by my adult students, many of whom shared stories about their children’s interest in Reiki. They told me that the children asked a lot of questions about it; how it worked, what it did, how it helped, and, most importantly, could they learn Reiki too? In retrospect, I realize those conversations with the adults were Reiki’s way of nudging me into creating a class for children, although at the time I had serious reservations about doing so, mostly because I had little classroom experience teaching young children.

At that time, my teaching background had been with adults, college-aged and beyond. But, although I was unsure, Reiki was not, and its “nudges” became more frequent and more difficult to ignore. And when I finally surrendered and opened myself to Reiki’s infinite wisdom, I remembered that, as a gift from Spirit, Reiki is for everyone. Those of us who practice Reiki know that there is nothing that it cannot improve or benefit – and that it can do no harm. We offer its loving energy to our animals, our plants, our Earth, our homes, so why would I question sharing it with children? I began to delve deeper into the possibility of teaching Reiki to children, and learned that children who utilize Reiki in their lives tend to exhibit improved coping skills, are more self-aware, compassionate, and able to deal more effectively with stress. Additionally, they report feeling calmer, more centered, and better able to concentrate. (1, 3)

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As I continued to gather information about these benefits for children, I envisioned our world filled with a new generation learning and practicing Reiki, and knew this was the next step on my personal Reiki journey and my ongoing commitment to help facilitate the emergence of the New Consciousness on Earth.

Initially, the path forward proved challenging. At that time, there was little available information about children’s Reiki classes, and I simply did not have the knowledge base for preparing a Reiki class specifically designed for youngsters. Fortunately, Reiki’s loving guidance was ever-present and eventually led my search to a Reiki Master who specialized in teaching children’s classes (2). Her program was in alignment with my goals for the class, which included being interactive, informal, and, most of all, fun! After contacting her and obtaining the basic class materials, Reiki and I began the task of creating and implementing my personal version of a class for children, and as we progressed, it truly became a labor of love. Even the energy surrounding the preparations was filled with joy and anticipation, and I clearly sensed divine guidance.

Reiki Classes for Children - Part 1

After crafting an outline and plan for the class that was aligned with my goals, it was time to schedule and promote it. The advertisement described the class as an “opportunity for children to learn Reiki as a life-enhancing skill. The course is designed to be fun and interactive, and includes the Reiki 1 attunement, which provides the ability to channel Reiki energy for their benefit as well as others.”(3) The promotion also described the class content, which included but was not limited to: the chakra system, the human energy field, self-care and healing, guided meditations, and creative activities. Ample time was included for practicing on each other and, of course, having fun with their newfound abilities.

Although I was optimistic that the class would be filled, I was unprepared for the overwhelmingly positive response. Enrollment was full within days, and a few students were placed on a waiting list for future classes. Because I prefer the intimate group energy of a smaller class and its ability to promote open discussion and sharing, I decided to limit the enrollment to six students, ranging in age from 6 to 12. The class was a resounding success and remains one of my fondest memories of teaching Reiki. The children were refreshingly open, enthusiastic, and relaxed. They demonstrated a natural ability for working with the energy and effortlessly accepted its presence as a natural part of life. Best of all, they were remarkably receptive (and fearless) channels for the loving energy of Reiki, and – they had fun! When the class ended; one little boy exclaimed, “We want to stay! Can we do more?” Another asked, “When can we come back?” Clearly, Reiki had helped me to achieve the “fun” goal, and I was deeply grateful for the opportunity to introduce children to this miraculous gift.

Since that memorable day, there have been additional children’s classes, and each one carries joyous energy, filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and profound appreciation for the blessing of Reiki. I have learned so much from these children; they have reminded me of Reiki’s beautiful simplicity, and of the joy that is found in everyday life if we remember to view it through the eyes of a child. I hope this article may encourage other Reiki teachers to consider adding children’s classes to their repertoire. In my experience, teaching Reiki to children has been one of Reiki’s greatest gifts, and a wonderful legacy for the future.

* In the next segment of this article, Kathleen describes the specifics of a children’s Reiki class, including the attunement process, the activities, and how it differs from an adult Reiki class.

1. https://www.naturopathicme.com/benefits-reiki-children/
2. http://www.reikikids.ca/
3. https://universoulheart.net/reiki-rocks-a-childrens-program

© 2018 Kathleen Johnson

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Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen Johnson is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, a Kundalini Reiki Master, and a Certified Crystal Healer. As a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, she assists others in discovering their unique path to wellness, wholeness, and authenticity. Kathleen is also a Certified Past-Life Soul Regression Therapist, and infuses Reiki into her work with clients’ past lives.
She is the Founder of UniverSoul Heart, LLC, a holistic healing and wellness practice based in Pennsylvania, USA. Kathleen enjoys teaching all levels of Reiki classes, from Level I through Master/Teacher, and is honored to assist others on the Reiki path. She also offers “Crystal Basics” and “Finding Your Life Mission” workshops for those wishing to deepen and enrich their self-knowledge at the soul level.
Kathleen was a co-host and presenter at the Reiki Rays Spring 2018 Summit, and also presented at the Winter 2018 and Spring 2019 Summits. She is passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of Reiki and holistic wellness and enjoys speaking to public and private groups.
As part of her commitment to raising awareness, Kathleen has been a featured guest in many radio interviews and is the host of "UniverSoul Heart Radio with Kathleen Johnson- Sensible Spirituality for Everyday Living", broadcast on Transformation Talk Radio.
Kathleen was selected as Top Reiki Master of the Year for 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership, commitment, and dedication.
Writing is a passion for Kathleen, and her many articles about Reiki and Spirituality are published on Reiki Rays and in Reiki News Magazine. She is currently gathering information for a book and knows that Reiki will be with her every step of the way.
Kathleen’s website is www.universoulheart.net, and her email is kjohnson@universoulheart.net

You can find her on Facebook at UniverSoulHeartReiki, on Instagram @universoulheartreiki and on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/universoulheart/

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