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Spiritual Awareness through Shamanic Reiki

There are similarities in different forms of shamanism, including a belief that shamans can control or cooperate with spirits for benefits of others. The existing spirits can be good and bad, and shamans can treat illness in a right way. Shamans can be seen as priests communicating with world of spirits and living world as magicians, teachers and healers. There is integration of Shamanism with Japanese Reiki, which makes it encompassing and interesting. The healing process revolves around 7 chakras in human body. The determination of 7 life forces (chakras) is blocked and it will determine the area of concentration of healing techniques.

After determining the area to cure, Shamanic Reiki practitioners combine conventional techniques of chakra healing by using stones, crystals, herbs and medications, which has its base from shamanic healing. The channelizing of energy ways becomes effectual by blending shamanic elements and other Reiki techniques. It uses crystal for healing the process. Reiki practitioners use this art through their hands to heal a person spiritually. Shamanic Reiki energy increases the flow of spiritual energy to regain the balance of lost aspects in life. There is an effort to make physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance of body with shamanic Reiki procedures.

Image by Noël Zia Lee

The combination of crystals is used to increase efficiency of healing process. Shamanic Reiki principals are meant to pair the crystals in a way corresponding to colors of chakras of human body. For example, throat area requires blue stones, tailbone chakra requires red, black or brown stones, heart chakra needs pairing with green or pink stones and crown stone requires white stone. Shamanic Reiki has different healing elements, like usage of symbols, spiritual guides and time journeys. Shamanic Reiki appears complicated, but its idea is actually very simple to comprehend.

The use of Shamanic techniques and traditions can channelize the life force energy present in us for allow spiritual healing.


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