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Using Crystals with Reiki by balancing Chakras: Part II

Reiki Healing with Crystals goes with using colored stones for chakra balancing with seven colored layout.

Crystals can help in energy balancing and healing of body.

They even help in enhancing the healing process of the body.

Purpose of Crystals and Stones

The main purpose behind usage of stones is to promote well being of emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. The role of healer is to support, confront and satisfy the client by heading their thoughts towards positive side. They have to keep a track of healing and feel comfortable using Reiki power. The crystal can change its impact on the body on absorption of energy. The client and practitioner work very closely in the direction of leading towards positivity.

Reiki Healing & Chakra balancing

Chakra balancing can be easily done by placement of stone of appropriate color on each chakra on the body. It will automatically boost chakras and give them energy vibrations to improve overall harmony of the system. The interaction between crystals/ stones and chakras will make it effective for a person to get healthy vibrations and induce best results for the body parts. The placement of stones on seven chakras of body can be a tonic for toning the body system. The stones are placed from lowest chakra first and then, it moves towards upward direction with the Reiki healing session. Similarly, the stones can be removed by taking off the highest one first and then coming to lowest stone at the last point.

7 Color Chakras for Reiki healing with Crystals

Red Stone Base Chakra One stone on base of   spine or two stones near top of each leg
Orange Stone Sacral Chakra Lower Abdomen
Yellow Stone or   Tiger’s eye or quartz point Solar Plexus Chakra Between navel and   ribcage
Green StonePink Stone   (Emotional balancing) Heart Chakra Center of Chest
Light blue stone Throat Chakra Base of throat (Top   of Breastbone)
Indigo/Dark Blue   Stone (Amethyst) Brow Chakra Center of forehead
Dark Blue (Clear   Quartz) Crown Chakra Top of head


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