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Reiki Massage Table – A Restful Place to Contemplate

Reiki massage table is a personal choice to be made by the practitioner. Some prefer to do Reiki with the client on a chair, or bed, but depending on what positions you find comfortable, then choose according to your personal preferences. Reiki massage table has to at least be at a height that allows you to be comfortable to stand for periods of up to an hour giving Reiki.

For shorter sessions, you might want to get a table that is adjustable – either one that you can push a button on so that it elevates, or a reiki massage table that you can manually adjust. It has to be comfortable for the client. Something they can feel at ease on and perhaps even drift off to sleep during their session. If you have a Reiki massage table that is soft enough, but still gives some flexibility position wise for your client, drifting off to sleep happens quite often.

Image by Isiegert

Where do you find Reiki massage table?

Actually, there are a number of places on the Internet that carry them, and you can do some comparison shopping while you are at it. Just because this is a “massage table”, don’t let that confuse the issue that Reiki is a massage – because it is not actually a massage form. It is the channelizing of life force energy from the practitioner to the client on the table. The only similarity with a Reiki massage table to conventional massage table is that it looks the same, but the purposes are different.

Try to also remember that just having the massage table alone isn’t good enough. You will also need sheets and a pillow and pillow covers. The client needs to be covered during Reiki session as sometimes they experience a sense of cold during the treatment session. Then again, some also may feel the energy entering them as hot or a tingling sensation. However, if they drift off to sleep on the table, they will be cold when they wake up.

Try to remember before you start your Reiki session to protect yourself with the protection symbol and to also protect your client from you with the same symbol. Before starting the session, scan the client with your hands to see what areas of their body may need focused extra Reiki energy. Once you have an idea of upon the need work, then start the traditional session with the usual hand positions. On the other hand, if your client comes to you and only wanted one area worked on, then you can do that as well. Reiki is very intelligent and will go where it is needed in the body – the clients and yours while you are giving the treatment.

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