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Reiki, Throat Chakra, and Sanskrit Alphabet

Article by Jaswinder Bhalla

Central to all the practices of Reiki, Yoga, and Mantra chanting is the drive of prana energy upwards. Prana is the life force and subtle form of energy that is carried in air, water, sunlight, food. During spiritual practices which manifests more prana energy is taken in and stored by the body and bring worthy vitality in one’s energy channel. Prana is the link between the astral and causal bodies and is flows in the Nadis of the astral body as a positive (Pingala) and a negative energy (Ida). Ida and Pingala are considered to be two of the major Nadis among 72000 Nadis. Prana itself is an afferent impulse that flows upward. There are five types of pranas in the body that flows and apana is one of five prana; apana is an efferent impulse that moves downward. When both prana are united at the base chakra which is known as the Root chakra the prana enters in the Sushumna Nadi( third important Nadi) that through the middle of the Brahma Nadi which is in the core of four Nadis. The principal Nadis in the astral body works correctly when some practice is done which induces dormant cosmic energy (kundalini energy) which then starts to move up the Sushumna through seven chakras.

The six chakras are the six subtle sub centers of psychic energy, as all of six centers are positioned in the Sushumna Nadi known as Hridya (central part) along the spine that remains dormant; and can be enlivened by aspirant through the practice of Reiki and yogic techniques with full devotion. Each of the energy centers has a precise shape, color, and deity, vibration, monosyllabic and natural element. A Nadi is called a lotus which originates from the energy center also known as its petals.

Today, we focus on Throat chakra (also called Vishuddha) which has sixteen nerves and the element of nature is Akasa (space). The Throat chakra is the fifth chakra and is positioned at the base of the throat of Kanda-Mula place. Corresponding nerves plexuses in the physical body is Laryngeal plexus (Pharyngeal) within Sushumna Nadi which is connected to the spinal column. The Throat chakra corresponds to Janah Loka, the chakra is sharp blue, round in form, and radiates sixteen nerves from Laryngeal plexus and having the characteristic of sound or word and sense organ is the ear. The Bija of Akas Tatva (element) haṃ is in this center of white color. The presiding deity is Sadasiva (Isvara Linga) and Goddess is Shakini. The sixteen important Nadis emanate appear as petals of a lotus and subtle vibrations that are created by each Nadi are symbolized by the Sanskrit letters i.e. aṃ, āṃ, iṃ, īṃ, uṃ, ūṃ, ŗṃ, ṝṃ, ḷṃ, ḹṃ, eṃ. Aiṃ, oṃ, auṃ, aṃ and aḥ. Haṃ is the Bija mantra of the cardiac plexus. Each chakra has separate Yoga Nadis which encamps around the chakras vibrating with the particulars letters. If one gradually accumulates sufficient prana energy in the Throat chakra that enhances one’s prana energy that enters the middle Brahma Nadi in the Root chakra which aspirant can easily draw up to the Ajna chakra(also known Third Eye chakra).

Reiki, Throat Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

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The Throat chakra signifies manifesting willpower, wisdom, trust and communication, creativity and truthfulness. When the Throat chakra is imbalanced people may suffer from bronchitis, hay fever, hypertension, teeth problems, thyroid problems, tonsillitis, and influenza. A person may find themselves filled with thoughts of anger, revenge and in inflamed situations. One may find himself/herself emotionally congested with a feeling of guilt, yearning for true love and inability to speak up better.

The thyroid gland secrets three major’s hormones:

Thyroxin– which regulates the metabolic rate
Triiodothyronine– which controls the growth, development, metabolism, body temperature and heart rate
Calcitonin– which helps to regulate the blood’s calcium and phosphate levels in the body.

The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland located at the larynx in the neck or Throat chakra. A bilobate endocrine gland on each side of the trachea connected below the larynx by a thin isthmus of tissue, the secretion of which regulates the rates of metabolism and body growth.

Giving Reiki before cleansing aura with Reiki symbols Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki, and Raku behind the neck on the spine activates sympathetic chains that are paired chains of 21 ganglia which extend from the upper cervical level to sacrum. Reiki symbol Raku will help you manifests all the virtues of Throat chakra by developing the power of endurance to learn about how to bear happiness and turn difficulties into opportunities. The Throat chakra is the center of ether element and appropriate symbol is Raku which helps to open the doors of the heart to eternal truth and helps to be still; so, to balance this chakra and cure problems caused the blockage Reiki symbol Raku works very effectively and has full potentials to heal this chakra.


  • Sit upright.
  • The chest, the neck, and the head must be always held straight in one line.
  • Close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand and breathe in deeply filling the lungs with air from the left nostril.
  • Let the current flow down to the Root chakra.
  • Close the left nostril with the small finger and the ring finger of the right hand and then exhale slowly.
  • Now inhale through the right nostril and close the left nostril with the small finger and the ring finger of the right hand. Let the current flow down to the Root chakra and exhale through the left nostril.
  • Repeat the same.
  • Visualize and feel life enriching affirmation giving Reiki at Throat chakra along with symbols and mantras.
    • Symbols – Raku and Karuna Reiki® symbols. Knowledge is conveyed through spoken word emanates from this chakra and proper articulation are achieved through awakening the energy of this center that to be expressed and empowers all mantras; communication, intelligence, and accomplishments are the chief features of it. Dai-Ko-Myo signifying Air element and Raku representing ether element and at this center, five elements are dissolved; and while Karuna Reiki® opens aspirant to work more closely with all enlightened being. When the mind gets highly purified and prana energy rises to the Throat chakra that manifests beyond space, all that is observed by the mind can be acknowledged easily.
    • Mantras
      • Om: Spiritual growth.
      • Om Yam: Wisdom.
      • Heem: Physical health, sexual happiness, and healing of wounds –  can be visualized at the Crown chakra, descending into all down chakras.
      • Aim sam saw: Poetic skill and creativity.
      • Aim Aim Aim: Artistic skills.

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Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder is a full time teacher running his own Coaching Institute. He holds Masters degrees in Commerce, Arts(English), Economics. His passion for learning more and more took him to learn other languages like Russian, French, Spanish, and German. When not teaching at his Institute, Jaswinder Bhalla is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. He’s practicing Reiki for more than 14 years. Grand Master in Traditional and Modern Usui Reiki, he’s well versed with Karuna® Reiki, Magnified Reiki, Runic Reiki, Sahaj Yoga and different form of Meditation. Jaswinder offers courses in Reiki, Sahaj Yoga and Meditation as well as distance healing services. Born in the lap of Himalayas – Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, he now lives in Punjab, India.

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