Dai Ko Myo Explained


The Dai Ko Myo in Usui Reiki is known as the “Master” symbol. It is one of the most powerful symbols in Reiki that can be used only by Reiki Masters. The power of the Reiki Master symbol combines the power of the first three symbols, Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

The Dai Ko Myo is the symbol with the highest vibration and is therefore most transformative at the spiritual level. Using this symbol helps enhance the healing of the soul as the energies are sent to the more subtle layers of the aura and upper chakras. When the spiritual soul is healed, the mental and physical get healed automatically.

The Dai Ko Myo symbol also helps heal our karma. Also known as “all purpose healing” symbol and “empowerment” symbol, this Reiki symbol represents all that is Reiki, including personal empowerment and love. Reiki practitioners at all levels receive the master symbol from their Reiki teacher during the attunement.

What does Dai Ko Myo mean?

When the individual symbols of the Reiki mater symbol are translated, it symbolizes the energy it carries. While “Dai” means great or big and “Ko” means smooth or glossy, the word “Myo” means bright light. The symbol also translated to evident or clear and is a verb for knowing or understanding. The Dai Ko Myo basically means “Great Enlightenment” or “Bright Shining Light”. This Reiki symbol represents inner knowledge, truth and enlightenment.

Dai Ko Myo - Master Symbol
Dai Ko Myo – Master Symbol

What happens during Dai Ko Myo Attunement?

When a Reiki practitioner is attuned with this Reiki symbol by a Reiki master, the symbol enters into the crown chakra and enlightens the truth about who we really are. The symbol helps us recognize our divinity and association to everything, taking us back to God.

The Dai Ko Myo symbol reconnects us to the divinity that is inherit within all and helps us heal ourselves and others. Once attuned to the symbol, it is highly recommended that you use the symbol with all your Reiki works. This will allow your energy receive an extra boost and help you draw strong energy constantly through your energetic system.

Methods to activating the Dai Ko Myo symbol

The symbol can be activated in many ways, including but not limited to:

  1. Drawing it with your palm center
  2. By visualizing it
  3. Drawing the symbol with your finger
  4. Drawing it with your third eye
  5. Spelling the name of the symbol three times.

Where to apply Dai Ko Myo symbol during healing?

Using the Reiki master symbol enhances the healing effects of every form of Reiki healing. The symbol is usually used with every Reiki healing whether individual or group, hands-on or distant or when aimed at an individual, thing or situation. To apply the symbol during a Reiki healing session, first draw the Reiki symbol on your own palms or hands and then visualize or redraw the symbol on the crown chakra and the palms or hands of the client and the area to be treated.

Beautiful Light
Image by h.koppdelaney

Dai Ko Myo Uses

  • Used by Reiki masters to open channels during Reiki attunement and attune those who want to become Reiki practitioners.
  • Helps enhance the connection between the practitioner and universal energies and helps heal the soul.
  • Heals the chakras, the aura and any disease that initiates from our subconscious beliefs.
  • Deals with our spiritual self, using it helps heal illness and disease from its original source.
  • Helps provide enlightenment and become more psychic and intuitive.
  • Can be used in all Reiki healings to bring in a purer and higher dimension of light.
  • Can also be used to draw out negative energy from the body (physical emotional, mental or spiritual) and then liberate it.
  • Helps develop and strengthen personal growth, self awareness, spiritual development and intuition.
  • Using this symbol with the other Reiki symbols helps increase the effectiveness. For examples, using Dai Ko Myo with the distant healing symbol helps the energy to quickly travel from the heart chakra of the healer to the heart chakra of the receiver.
  • Can be used to charge, clear crystals or make them self healing.
  • It is considered to be an immune energizer. Helps improve immune function and increase energy flow through the body.
  • Can be used to enhance the healing properties of herb tinctures, medicines or homeopathic remedies.

Benefits of Meditating on Dai Ko Myo symbol

The Reiki master symbol provides great benefits when meditating with it. It helps lead you to the “Bodhisattva Path” or “Saint Hood”. Accepting Dai Ko Myo through meditation encourages you to help others by helping yourself and direct your life specifically towards this purpose. Meditating on the symbol not only allows self purification and self cleansing at a spiritual level, but also helps create more harmony and balance in your daily life. It brings “light” in your life and helps eliminate blockages at all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, present, past and future.

Dai Ko Myo is one of the most sacred Reiki symbols. The primary purpose of using this symbol is empowerment, enlightenment, unity and wakening of the soul. It is a bright shining light which nourishes and fills, shows the way and rests the spirit. It helps nurture your physical body and soul and also encourages you to do the same for others. With practice, using Dai Ko Myo can bring profound changes in life and make you a better person.

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      • I like to draw it on my 3rd eye before meditation.
        You can also draw it over one or more of the other chakras based on what you want to meditate on! For an example if your trying to decide on a new job draw it over 3rd eye & root chakras! Is the new job far away? Add the heart chakra to the mix! I always teach my students that there is no right or wrong way with Reiki, just allow the energy and the symbols to guide you! All the symbols can be used in meditation! Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is great to use when your bridging time so past life work even childhood trauma! As a Regressionist I use it a lot with clients!

    • I agree with the above comment.This is a wonderful site with many great ideas. Unfortunately I do believe this symbol to be incorrect or at the very least it is not the same master symbol as in the Usui tradition of Reiki
      Kind Regards

    • According to Penelope Quest in Reiki for Life there are 44 different types of Reiki now and in the past. Some have more symbols and I’ve also noticed some internet sites have the Power symbol different from what I was given by my Master.

  1. Nikki and David, then I am afraid you have not been taught Reiki Level iv or iii(b) or Teacher Level. This is the correct symbol – Master Symbol.

    • Hi Catherine,

      As a Reiki Master for over 25 years this is the first time I have ever seen this symbol. Through meditation and talking to other Reiki Masters we know as I am sure you do that once upon a time there were many more symbols than we teach today. My lineage Reiki Master was taught by the granddaughter of Hawayo Takata who brought Reiki to the Western World. I feel the comment that other students have not been taught Reiki correctly is very confusing and that broader outlook should be considered that there are many symbols and your master symbol is just one of many master symbols. In love and light Colette

  2. For those confused about this master symbol, there are a few different versions of this symbol, and so you may have been taught another version. All versions work as described in this article. As with anything in reiki it all comes down to intent. Wonderful article by the way. Tammy xxx

    • My Reiki master taught me both symbols: the old traditional one above and the relatively newer traditional one that includes the raku. The old one is of course Japanese but if I remember correctly (and correct me if I’m wrong) the other one is Tibetan.

      • Samir, *why* does one need to be a Reiki Master in order to use this symbol?

        Isn’t it sufficient enough to simply know the meaning of the symbol, how to draw it, what it looks like, the intent of using it, and being attuned through one’s own will and intent to connect with the universe and the vibration of this symbol?

        • Hello, James,
          If I may answer your question, I don’t think it’s the title of a Master that is key here, but what actually stands behind it. And in most cases it is years of practice and dedicated service which have brought the “masters” to a certain level of consciousness, clarity and unity with the Spirit and which makes the use of this symbol all the more efficient.
          There is a reason there are steps and levels in every line of teaching or system or even school. You can give a first grader a brush and some paints, and you can explain how they work, and you can plant tons of inspiration in their heart but you don’t expect them to become Picasso within their first week, do you?
          Just be patient and keep climbing the ladder… Nothing will ever remain hidden from you.

          Love & Light,
          Ivelina (also a Reiki Master)

          • You are an EGO Master. Anyone can use this symbol and build on the energy. I know lots of people that have been in professions for 20 years and still not any good. I wouldn’t want anyone with your egoist presence assisting me with that energy. Shame on you.

          • Hi there Brenda,

            I don’t see Ivelina’s response as ego, more her opinion. We are all entitled to our opinions without shame.

            Mary (love practicing Reiki!!!)

      • If it is all intention, one does not need to be a “Master” to use it. Energy is energy and the rules we create is a human thing, not an energy thing. Rules are from humans not the divine and anyone can utilize the divine for healing.

        • With every level your energy and undersatanding grows. Not only to understand others but yourself too. Every initiation is important for us to heal ourselves, our phisical, mental and spiritual part. When you start to do some type of excercise you become better every time you paractice. That is the intetion to clear and understand every level and every symbol, to understand more and to open parts of you that you dont even know. But to do so you have to practice. Sometimes you can read and write, but sometimes is just that and is later when you really understand the meaning of that you read. So to undersand the full meaning of a Reiki Symbol you have to be perfectly concious about it to apply them correctly and wisely.

  3. Master symbol is the utmost powerful in healing self n to distance healing. When meditating also use the symbol for good results. Thank youGrand Master Usui .

    • Yeah you need to pay at least $800 to a reiki ‘master’ before you can use or meditate on a symbol.

      Spirituality is free my friends and anyone who makes money from it as a business is either a charlatan or not to be trusted. You can attain great spiritual values without paying anyone anything, although having a good teacher (they don’t have to exist on the material plane) is good to start with.

      Do your research into ALL branches of the metaphysical to understand what I’m talking about. These levels of 1, 2 and master are merely control mechanisms and on reality it is your birthright as a human being to be initiated to whatever level of spirituality you like provides you seek and persist with the techniques you might find.

        • cont’ some need guidance on the physical plane to really feel they are learning it…blessings to you that you don’t need this guidance…be kind and understanding to those who do….in this way it is no different than getting a good education from a university that you have to pay to go to….some might be able to just get a book and learn…others need personal instruction…love and light

      • This is why I don’t charge for my Reiki sessions nor charge for teaching people. I believe healing should be free and I’ve been blessed by getting my trainings and attunments for free…up to my master level. I don’t require nor ask for anything other than transportation costs. On the other hand if someone wants to donate to me for my time, I most certainly won’t refuse it.

        • Sir,
          I hav done second degree and practising it. I met with many person who had done third degree. surprisingly after they did third degree….their faith and intrest towards reiki is diminishing. i asdsked them reason …but get nothing in reply. Earlier they were fully devoted towards it and by their inspiration only..i came in to this. Is their any secret about this. can u pls explain their behaviour.

        • this is why Grand Master Usui started charging people. He gave it away for 3 years and found those that got it for free didnt use or accept it, so by charging for it he found many more accepted it and took on the energy healings..
          now charging for it can just be a donation or something else, but it is the exchange of something valuable that helps

          • Sensei Usui was NOT a “Grand Master” that term was not use within Reiki till well after it came to the west. He also was NOT a doctor. He also did not give the hearings away or charge money for them, but you has to donate something in return, most time it was your time.

    • Dear Parth and Tabassum, please don’t ask same questions, make some effort and read a few lines up. Samir already answered several times – you need to be Reiki Master (3rd level) to use this symbol.

      • Dido, just pointing out w/ compassion, not criticism, that, as a simple matter of fact, you could have answered their question in the same amount of time and energy it took for you to reply to them as you did.

        I encourage you to examine your intention, and the feelings that motivated you to respond the way you did, when you could have simply answered them with compassion and humility in the spirit of service.

        The energy I see you expressing is indignation, resentment, and judgment. Is that low vibration the state of being you want to experience

        My question is rhetorical, and meant only for your reflection and personal development as a Reiki healer. I do not require a response.

    • You also need to be attuned to the symbol, or another variations of the symbol. You need to be attuned by a Reiki Master who has been attuned to the symbol or the specific variation, initially, after that you can self attune as much as you like.

      • You should have been given this is you have done level 3. Any symbol can be used as a yantra and its name as a mantra.
        The reason we say that Dai Ko Myo can only be used by masters is purely a stage of development in your journey with reiki.
        We limit the power of cars young people can drive for their own. Wellbeing. He same here with Dai Ko Myo. You have a level of reiki practice before it is recommended that you use it.
        As with all sacred symbols, when they mean so much to you, your love for the
        Meaning behind the symbol is part of their “power”.
        No one can stop you from using this for meditation, but is your practice of reiki solid and do you trust it to use it for healing corrections within yourself?
        The symbols used to be secret until you got to master level, or even level II. Which prevented much of these can I use it questions.
        If you are going to use it, cod let’s be honest folks, when it’s put out for all
        To see and work with, you are gonna play!!, have great respect for its meaning, work with your teacher to develop your reiki skills and chat to them about what comes up for you when using the symbol.

  4. As with all rhings symbols can and do change, for those that have not had training in what and how symbols work, they have onky the power that you give them. In most pre western Reiki they don’t even use the symbols unless the students have a hard time getting out of the way of the energy. So with all this its not to much of a thing (outside of the west) if the symbols are written one way or the other.

  5. I find it rather surprising to see that a few of the masters do not know of this symbol as any web search would actually show this one first (even some oldish books). There is another one where only the final “strokes” are different but still extremely similar. I also consider my Reiki lineage to be good and had the symbols interpreted/translated to me which confirmed their meaning.
    To some extent, I do not completely believe that any symbol can be used if the intent is right: an exercise that proved that to me is to sit in front of the drawn symbol (any of them), drawn as large as possible, and stare at it. Then concentrate on your feelings. You can try this by altering the symbols a bit and just a bigger space in some cases for example can make you feel completely different and possibly even unwell. This could be used/adapted I guess to make sure the “correct symbol” is used for you? Just a suggestion…
    Still, I can’t help wondering which symbol you’ve been taught (a bit unsettling to me).
    Love and Light to all,
    ps: just found this link which might help even though their “Tibetan Dai Ko Mio” is not the Tibetan one I use/learnt/know nor used as part of the 8 Karuna Reiki symbols and seems to be a “contemporary” version of the Usui DKM but to me has a completely different energy

    • When I took my Masters it was with a different and in my opinion inferior teacher/master and the symbol was different. Plus I have never got on well with it. I really like this one so do I need to take Masters again for it to work?

      • @ Yvonne, My opinion is that especially if you feel you have never got on well with the symbol you were taught and really like this one, which to me is the correct Master Symbol, you have you answer.
        I don’t know where you live but maybe try and contact a master and explain the situation. Possibly meet her/him before taking another course and make sure the symbols are the right ones and how you feel towards that person, that’s important too.
        With this DKM, even just by its shape, you can feel almost as if it elevates you to the Divine (at least that’s what I feel with it) and to me, it is really powerful.
        But go with your guts instinct, that’s the best path I think.
        I do no longer live in the UK but if that’s where you are (and it’s not against the policy of the site) I could give you some contact there.
        Love and Light x

        • Just start using this one and see how it works for you, all symbols, reiki or not have no power outside of what you give them. I have never had a easy time using the symbols, tryed different ones and still did not work well. It was not until I learned that it is only in western ways of doing reiki that the symbols are use past what we call level 2, and when I stoped using the symbols all together did the energy really start to move and people really starting to see amassing things happen. The only time I use them now is when I teach Reiki.

          • I agree with Waya….. Ive been.practicing for twenty years and now just follow the energy that flows out… It is far more intuitive and powerful as Reiki already knows where the healing needs to go and what symbol to use. It stops coming from us….trust in the flow of Reiki. It is a pure form with an intelligence of its own. We are all only channelling. When Reiki knows we truly trust it’s own.. Then it becomes more powerful and the results are awesome. We all need to keep out the ego… It is not us that heals it is the energy. One love. X

  6. I did a third degree attunement today and the student just wrote to me that as soon as he uses DKM his energy shuts down. He cannot feel anything.
    Does anyone know what it is or why this is happening?

  7. Hi Lopita, I think he may not be using the symbol correctly , or the intention may not be correct. Once you become a master you are a healer and giver and your Reiki should always be for higher good. The universe will never allow you to use the energy in a wrong manner.

  8. If we are all one and there is not past, present, or future, and everything already is, can you attune yourself master Reiki on your own?

    • Yes you can. And no you cant. When you attune yourself to any type of healing, you are calling on your higher self, to connect with a higher power, the higher power attunes you. Kind of like taking the middle man out of the loop. However, unless you have been attuned and worked with energy previously, are prepared to practise read and learn through other sources. Much will be unknown without a teacher to show and guide you at the start of the journey, you may never fully appreciate all that you can achieve with that attunement. Unless you are very intuitive and receive clear guidance from your energy guides.

  9. My experience on being given Dai Ku Myo during master class was one of recognising it. Of not needing to learn the strokes so much as remember them even tho my version is slightly different.
    The translation interests me. I discovered the words are contained within the lotus sutra and what lights it up for me is there Ku means potential within and myo is the unseen the unmanifest so to me dai ku myo opens my heart and mind to the mystery , to the great unlimited potential of source energy beyond my current human understanding. And the delight of the reminder of the dai ku the incredible great potential allows me to let go of worry- the first of the five tenants. In the lotus sutra myo is always with the symbol for the manifest Ho myoho the unmanifest and manifest are not seperate. Me and god god and me are one.
    As for using or not using the other symbols once you have this one – my own experience is if you’ve been practicing at level two for an amount of time the use of the symbols becomes integral and my experience is they show up when needed if I don’t consciously call them up they present themselves. Reiki is a folk art all the talking and reading and thinking about it cannot replace experience ing it as a giver and receiver.
    Delighted I came across this discussion. A timely reminder.

  10. There are two versions of the master symbol, that I know of, maybe more will come. I never draw them, I call on them with intent. Regardless of which you were shown when attuned, you are still attuned to all of its strength in healing. If a blind person is attuned, they wouldn’t SEE any symbol, they would still have access to all its healing. Intention is what activates it, not drawing it correctly, or pronouncing it correctly, or being issued the ‘correct’ one. Depending who gave you it traditional or modern or distant attunement you will know one or the other or both. Each way is perfect for you. Namaste

  11. I’m curious. Whilst I u understand that whilst I am attuned to Reiki I and Ok, that I cannot use this symbol during healing….can j still use it during my meditation? Perhaps as a mantra as I enter I to meditation?

  12. I have been a reiki master since late l997..have been attuned to two different master symbols, similar but different and one that is like old Tibetan master symbol. I have found that the old Tibetan symbol is far more powerful for me than the other two,. The old Usui symbol feels good but feels liike walls goes up around it. And doesnt bring the rush of energy and the lifting of consciousness for me that the old Tibetan symbol does. I find it fascinating that these different symbols can bring individual experiences for us using them. Maybe it is that we are keyed to certain ones due to our various soul experiences or times we have ldived in before and possibly used them Love this discussion , thank you

  13. IIbecame a Reiki Master Teacher 22 Years a go. Since I did not practice Reiki that much becouse I helped taking care of my Grandchildren. Did mostly Absendee and self healing.It seems that Now I am being Quuided to go back to practice and teaching after such a long time.I know this is a Gift and I will do my best as I can. I was teaching my Daughter and 2 of my friends Level one and level two and will atoone them to Reiki Master after the 21 day cleansing.Do you have any coment I can use for me to do my best for there highest good ? I also would like to ask becouse I was tought that the Master cimble dai koo mio can only be used in atoonments never for heaing. Has that changet? forgive my spelling I am from Germany,,Thank you.

    • Helle from France Gertrud,
      First of all, well done for going back to Reiki, I found also that sometimes, I haven’t been too active with Reiki too.
      As for teaching your daughter and friends, personnaly, I think it might be best once they’re attuned to Level One and Two to see how they feel individually. For example, even though my Master had told me I was “ready” to be attuned the next day, I had the feeling it wasn’t right and only got my Master attunement a couple of years later. I think I also wanted to experience Reiki at a simpler level before going into Mastership. Once they are attuned, they might all feel differently about being attuned to be Masters. The 21 days cleansing period would be a good idea to my mind if they decide to go further straight away but my feeling is the Master attunements should not be planned before hand that way if they have not experienced Reiki level one and two for themselves first. To me, this is a very individual thing.
      But I trust that all will go well as you’re already holding the intention to do this for the highest good!
      I wish you all the best!

  14. I am a Reiki Master. There are different versions of the Dai ko myo. This is not the symbol I use. I do love the article and find it very helpful.

    • “It is one of the most powerful symbols in Reiki that can be used only by Reiki Masters”.
      THAT CAN BE USED ONLY BY REIKI MASTERS … if this is stated, it means that there is a reason to it. It looks like people try to get the approval of some in order to convince themselves it’s alright. When you are taught the Mastership, you understand fully why this type of statement is made and why it should only be used by Masters. Some might come and declare the symbols are “free” or do not “belong” to anybody or anything like that. Which in essence is true, to some extent. But the use of the symbols without understanding or knowing fully what they are, is what makes the whole difference.
      My suggestion would be not to try to push things too far without knowing exactly what you do. Finding a good Master is already not always an easy task but when you are ready, really ready for the Mastership, things will unfold effortlessly, whether it be financially, or finding the right Master for you or anything else…
      Patience and respect are two words that come to me in that instance.

      • Christine, Usui was “attuned” by his own spirit & heart’s intent in communion w/ the universal spirit. He wasn’t attuned by a master. Why would anyone else not be able to be attuned the same way he was?

  15. actually I had done reiki masters and I have been healing my boyfriend who is still stuck with his ex girlfriend who keeps on abusing him, humiliating him, etc and he still keeps on talking to her on phone and watsapp..but during healing he went to meet his ex girlfriend and also stayed with her for two days…which shocked me and shattered me…according to my reiki teacher its just because things are coming on surface level…and energies are making him go there just to make him realise some thing..I don’t understand what’s happening… is it bcz of reiki or past karma…or something else…m healing him since 2 months now…but can’t see any change…please guide

    • You are connected to him. Every time you try to heal him, you also start expecting some specific results. Shield yourself, ground and then before giving any healing just disconnect yourself from him. As soon as you disconnect yourself from him and start healing him with expecting any results. He’ll come to heal .

  16. And since I am already a Master Reiki practitioner, can I simply use this symbol (that is new to me)?
    I love the symbol, but never heard of it until these past few weeks.
    And I have been doing Reiki since my first attunement 20 years ago.

    I guess I am asking…do I need to have another Master give me this symbol or can I just use it like described here?

    • Gary, if you do not recognize this symbol or it’s name, then perhaps your Mastership is through a different lineage than Usui Sensei. I am of the Usui -Takata lineage. It is perhaps you were attuned to a different symbol in your Master attunement? If you were attuned to Dai Ko Myo, you may use this symbol as there are multiple variations of it. If you were not attuned to this symbol (in name or symbol) in your Master’s attunement, then you need to be attuned by another Master before you can use it.

      And as a note, it has been discovered that Usui Sensei did not use this Master symbol. Takata Sensei probably introduced this symbol to her Master students, which was then past onto us. I am very grateful to Takata Sensei for sharing with us the very powerful Reiki energy of Dai Ko Myo.

  17. I am curious why/how certain individuals choose to “honor” Reiki. We have free will, but we are taught a true spiritual way of life with Reiki training.It applies to every aspect, not just the ways in which we choose to honor it. The first of which is to keep the symbols sacred. By doing so, those individuals who choose this life journey are truly guided and mentored for years by their Reiki Master. This tradition from the east is honored. While it’s true that anyone can learn Reiki, it is not true that we should mass produce practitioners who do not learn Reiki on a level they understand or can teach at. When and if you come across a different symbol, know that you cannot use it with honor if you have not been attuned to it. More importantly, why would you want to? Living a life that surrenders to the Divine is your path with Reiki. If you have to earn a living, and we all do, money is currently the method of exchange. We do not charge for Reiki, but we are guided to charge for our time. In this way, we can be in service to others and be abundant. It is a beautiful, loving practice that I learn from everyday and am guided to teach others about. Your knowing is finding the right teacher who honors and understands Reiki and walks that path……..

    • Barbara, you said:

      “When and if you come across a different symbol, know that you cannot use it with honor if you have not been attuned to it.”

      Usui was “attuned” by his own spirit & heart’s intent in communion w/ the universal spirit. He wasn’t attuned by a master. Why would anyone else not be able to be attuned by the same way he was?

  18. The falsity of Reiki symbols

    I know many of you would say you are Reiki masters with great lineage and all, but I honestly don’t believe in Reiki or symbols. Whatever is true about Reiki, or whatever works, like spiritual progress, energy awareness, are just derived from the Zen/Tantra aspects of Reiki.

    My advice is, don’t waste time and money on Reiki, no one ever got healed by it, instead learn the path of Usui himself, which is the path of self-realisation. Find your own way towards it.

    Before you follow a path, do your research. Reiki is covered in ‘white’ lies. Learn the true origin, the history of Reiki, of the symbols, and decide for yourself. Don’t believe the Western derivations, the so-called channeled information, or the New Age elements added to it.

    May you find your way. Apologies if I may have offended anyone.


    • Hi Dan, You are obviously entitled to your opinion and beliefs and I do respect them as such. I think I can at least partially understand some of the things you say and relate to some of them. As everything in the hands of humans, a lot is changed or twisted by some people, even if unintentionally and money appeals to too many on not such a good way. Religion is a perfect example of this, with white or not so white lies at all.
      Having said that, I’d like to know how you can state that “no one ever got healed by it”. I know many people or animals who have healed when ONLY Reiki was used on them. Placebo for humans, adults, possibly, but for animals or babies, or even unconscious people? I’m a Reiki “master” (don’t really like the term to be honest) but I can talk for myself and for others I witnessed too. Obviously, Reiki cannot cure everything or rather, not everybody will use the Reiki energy to heal themselves. To me, you state something you don’t know and that’s what if find kind of “out of tune” with your other points so I’m truly wondering the reason behind your statement, out of curiousity really.

      But from what you say, it seems you have found your way so I’m happy for you and I honestly wish you a long and happy journey on it.

      With Love and Light.

  19. I´m an youngest Reiki Master. I´d like to profound inserting into all my Reiki skills too other symbols like Midas Star touch, Raku symbol, and about a lot that I stayied know there´s but I still not know the symbol´s function and for what we must to used to. Thank you I´d like to receive any explanation of Midas Star and Raku more any more kind of Master´s Reiki. Please Sir (Mister/Mistress) Powerfulness of the Rreiki true, could ou help-me?

  20. During my first attunement I saw three symbols that I believe could be Dai Ko Myo..Could someone tell me what this means as I understand you cant use this until your Reiki Master and I have a little way to go yet!

    • Jordan, level one teaches you (Cho Ku Rei), (Sei He Ki) and the Distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) for level two. There are two more symbols for Reiki Master.
      Did you not receive handouts during your classes to help you remember the symbols hon?

    • Hi Jordan, have you mentioned this to your Master Teacher? I guess you will have a clearer answer once you’re able to draw/show the symbols to somebody who might know them.
      Then, if the symbols you saw are not “recognised”, you could possibly draw them and place them in front of you while in a receptive state. You might then get your answers, even if it’s just for you to use for yourself.
      Enjoy your Reiki ride! Love

  21. I’m getting quite concerned for Reiki across the board. I’m a Reiki Master and have been studying healing for many years. I am honored for those that brought Reiki back to us and shared the teachings. What I’m finding lately, is impatient students of the practice that get their level 1 and then get all sure they can’t use the Master Reiki Symbol. Some are angry because people charge money to teach the class. The one thing that really worries me is this undertaking of Many Reiki teachers changing the wording of the Reiki Principles. Some say they like the way “theirs” sounds better or because the words “angry” and “wore” are negative words.
    This sacred practice was lost for a very very long time.
    Too many Practioners are allowing their egos to infiltrate the Reiki process. As a result of all the changing and getting hung up on the Reiki Master title and symbols, fees and what not, the true traditional method of Reiki is going to be lost again.
    The process is the way it is for a reason. The Principles read the way they do for a reason. When you switch it up, start calling it “yours” it’s benefits will be worthless. Yes, yes, yes, your intentions are for the highest good. I’ve heard it all.
    The angry comments and snarky behavior of many on this thread is far from what I would think would come from enlightened, compassionate souls.
    I’m most like 3 times older then most of you and can only attribute what I’ve read here to lack of wisdom and your youth. That’s not meant to put anyone down. It just happens to be true. The youth want everything NOW and they want whatever they do to be better then anyone’s else. Can’t you just relax, honor the work of Dr Usui the tradition of Reiki and how it can benefit the healing of yourself and others? Not everything needs to be changed. This world wants to tear everything down and build something new all the time.
    Someone mention how they noticed that once some people reached the Master level they lost interest. Perhaps they are feeling the negativity that is starting to creep into the practice and are moving away from it …… Which is going to back to my fear of it getting lost again.
    Spend some time meditating on your practice and how it can serve others instead of how it can serve you.

    • It’s MR. or Sense Usui, not Dr! It is very obvious that the “traditional method” you are working with is very western. And not realy traditional. The symbols, all of them are not really traditional, the principles are not really traditional. The way Reiki is seen and practiced in Japan is very different then what Reiki is in the west. And as more and more info about that comes to light things change and a lot of long time Reiki healers are feeling challenged in their beliefs. And so you know I have been a Reiki Master ( and I do not like that turm ) for 20+ years and got some training by a practitioner from Japan.

      • For your Reading Pleasure about DR Usui
        Again….. More negativity ….

        Usui Sensei 1865 – 1926
        Mikao Usui was the originator of what we today call Reiki. He was born on August 15th 1865 in the village of ‘Taniai-mura’ in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture Kyoto.

        Mikao Usui probably came from a wealthy family as at that time only children from wealthy families could get a good education.
        As a child he studied in a Tendai Buddhist monastery school entering at an early age. He was also a student of different martial arts. His memorial states that he was a talented hard working student, he liked to read and his knowledge of medicine, psychology, fortune telling and theology of religions around the world, including the Kyoten (Buddhist Bible) was vast. He married and his wife’s name was Sadako, they had a son (born 1907) and daughter.

        Usui sensei studied and traveled to western countries and China several times, this was encouraged during the Meiji Era and later, to learn and study western ways.

        During his life Miako Usui held many different professions such as public servant, office worker, industrialist, reporter, politician’s secretary, missionary, supervisor of convicts. He also worked as a private secretary to a politician Shimpei Goto, who was Secretary of the Railroad, Postmaster General and Secretary of the Interior and State.

        At some point in his life he became a Tendai Buddhist Monk/Priest (what we in the west call a lay priest). On several occasions he took a form of meditation lasting 21 days. On his memorial it says that at one time this took place on Mount Kurama (Horse Saddle Mountain). This is where he is supposed to have been given the inspiration for his system of healing – Reiki. It is very likely that he incorporated ideas and knowledge about healing from other system, both spiritual and physical, like Chinese Medicine, other Eastern healing systems like Chi Gong, the Japanese equivalent Kiko, acupuncture and others.

        Mikao Usui found that the healing techniques contained within his spiritul system worked well on various ailments. In April 1922 he opened his first school/clinic in Harajuku Tokyo. Usui had a small manual which is now translated into English and published by Western Reiki Master living in Japan, Frank Arjava Petter, under the title “The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui”

        Mikao Usui’s skills as a healer and teacher must have been very good and his fame spread very quickly throughout Japan. This was a time of great change in Japan, opening up to the West and changes both in government and religion. His teachings became popular among the older people who saw them as a return to old ideals and spiritual practices.

        His school/clinic was formed not just for the spiritual teachings but it was also a way for people to obtain healing. As people in general at this time in Japans history were very poor, healing sessions were very cheap or free. According to Japanese history articles, healing and other similar practices at that time would be given for a minimal cost or more likely for free.

        Reiki students seem to have worked with the teacher as a sort of payment (a small monetary fee might also have been involved).

        The Usui teachings included teaching people how to heal themselves (a very central point still in Reiki of today). Healing would be given to them, then they were taught how to heal themselves.

        In 1923 on the 1st of September an earthquake shook Tokyo and Yokohama, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was 50 miles from Tokyo. Over 140,000 deaths were reported. The majority were killed in the fires started by the earthquake. It was the greatest natural disaster in Japanese history. Mikao Usui and his students started to give healing in the area and the demand and need for Reiki was enormous and as a result of his work he became even more famous.

        In 1925 Usui had become so busy that he had to open a new larger school outside Tokyo in Nakano. As he traveled widely his senior students would continue with his work when he was away from his school/clinic.

        Dr Mikao Usui passed away on March 9th 1926 at the age of 62. He is buried in Saihoji Temple in Suginami-Ku, Tokyo. Later his students created and erected a large memorial stone next to his grave describing his life and work. Much of the new information about Usui Sensei comes from the translation of this memorial.

        Three levels of teachings
        Usui Sensei’s techings were divided into 6 levels, Shoden (4 levels), Okuden (2 levels) and Shinpi-den. The beginning level student (Shoden) had to work hard at increasing their own spirituality before being able to move on to the Okuden (inner teachings) level. Not many students reached the next level of Shinpi-den – Mystery/secret teachings.
        It is reported that he had taught his system of healing to well over 2000 persons, and what we in the West call Reiki Masters (no such title existed in Japan at the time) to 15 – 17 persons.

        • Why do you keep calling Sensei Usui Doctor? That is a title he never used and is only used in the west. Also most don’t seem to know or want to know that the symbols were used like training wheels and you could not move past shoden (level 1) if you still needed to us them. It’s good to see someone looking outside of the western Raiki.

  22. Several people have responded with thoughtful, insightful comments. The “Reiki Rays” article was also highly informative. I came to Reiki through the door of Martial Arts. I feel bound to approach Reiki with the same respect for its tenets as I’ve had for the Martial Arts: Respect for the art, respect for the teachers, respect for the symbols, and a promise to myself to continue refining my ability to form and sustain intention. Although most of my Level 1 and 2 symbols do not match what is being termed “traditional,” I’m no longer concerned. I’ll work with a traditional Master/Teacher and enjoy the experience of not only master-level healing but also learning to masterfully teach others to heal. Once I’m ready, I plan to stop by various medical centers and senior homes in the area to offer some complementary Reiki support. Believe, Be Dedicated, and help your fellow human beings and life on this globe to flourish. And, as Dr. Mikao Usui stated in his ethical principles of Reiki, show gratitude for everything.

  23. It is still sad, to this day that so many are still hung up on the symbols. no madder what “level” you are at, 1, 2, or master, if you are using the symbols, you are still Shoden,(what the west calls level 1). Reiki in the East you can not move out of Shoden (level 1) if you are still using the training wheels aka, the “symbols”! Add to that, EVERY ONE OF THE SYMBOLS have been changed from what they would have been at the start. Anyone that speaks or can read Mandarin will tell you that the symbols are NOT Japanese words. (just to add to this there were not “symbols” used in Usui’s time, they did not appear in Reiki till Dr. Hayashi was teaching). So if you really want to “master” Reiki, to get to the heart and soul of Reiki, let the symbols and the Ego that comes with them go. Let the Reiki flow, and know in your heart that it will do what is best for you on a level that is beyond what we can see and know!

  24. I am a new Reiki Master but have been letting Reiki flow through me since I was around 3 or 4 but did not know what to call it. Have seen it do many miracles. Long story but the short versions is an intangible hard to describe white light came , hit my head then flowed into my very soul and so Reiki introduced itself to me. No attunement or symbols necessary. For this reason, I am not drawing a hard line about attunements or the way they are performed but that is just me.
    My religion didn’t accept healing of this type and social stigma associated with using it made me keep it on the down low for 58 years.
    I had level one and two attunements a day apart a little over a month ago. They process gave me the confidence to let the Reiki freely flow. The 21 day detox was quite real and physical for me. I was warned it would be but my intuition and God led me to do it that way. Kinda like the flu but it made me use the Reiki for the discomfort and to fine tune how to direct it better . So once agin, it was a good thing.
    Came up with some techniques that I had not been taught that worked . Later in Master class I learned many people use a few of these so the affirmation was a good thing. My Master is a good person and encourages sharing your journey. Yes she charged. The support from my classmates is worth every cent to me.

    I do think someone could probably do this themselves. It might be a slippery slope and you may forgo a support group. I say this because my class group is like having a check up from the neck up. We sharpen one another. Everyone needs that from time to time.

    My master is a life coach so she keeps us all moving forward. We share goals openly wth no judgement. We share our experiences also.The support keeps my ego from taking over. For me it’s good where as for someone else, I truly don’t know. Maybe someone else is more evolved and has more understanding.
    I do know that this is created and given by God . I am simply called by God to live life more abundantly and allowed to let it flow through me. The choice is mine.

    After the second attunment, I was healed of Insulin resistant diabetes. Yep, documented and triple checked by my doctor and lab tests. It is gone.
    I was called to a hospital in the afternoon and after giving Reiki , a child with a broken skull and unexplainable high fever was healed. He was released from the hospital after another day of observation to make sure. This isn’t said to boast but to encourage everyone to use their abilities and intuition.

    I will say one thing that gives me pause. After spending sometime in demonic deliverance ministry, I am cautious about the use a spirit guide. Of course you can but there is zero way that feels right to me after the things I have seen. But once again, that is my path. Chose your own.

    I enrolled in a Udemy Reiki class where an attunement was supposed to be given by distance Reiki. I know what it feels like when someone is sending me Reiki from my other in person class. The material was worth the money I paid for the class but I am positively sure the attunement didn’t happen for me. Also some of the material and theory was factually unsupported but I learned a few new things that reassured me it was part of the plan.

    A month after the second attunement, my Master thought I was ready for the final Master attunement. The Reiki flow after this is not as electric as it was before. It requires less focus to call upon it and my attitude is more “everyday” and relaxed about its use like it was before. I think I was caught up in using the symbols ” the right way”. This led to doubt and worry. Once I let it go and believed in the Reiki, listened to my intuition and thought about my intentions it is easier. The Reiki is still Reiki but my mind has expanded allowing peace to flow like a lazy river on a summer day. It feels right.
    The symbol I was given isn’t remotely like any I have found on the internet or in the books I have.
    I don’t care. It works.
    Another thing….. I realized I lose my peace when I start to question or doubt so I am avoiding any more blogs after this one. There is some negative energy in some of these posts and I don’t need to take that in.
    My goal is to meet one of the two surviving Reiki Takata Masters. Think it would be good to hear his story. Pretty sure that will happen this year. I am opening a studio in Roswell GA so that will be fun. I am charging after the intro session because I think people find things more valuable if they pay something or exchange something for it. Money is a tool to be used. I actually can afford to give it away but it doesn’t sit right with me. That is once again, just me and my path.

    I am not disputing anyone here. This is my story and mine alone. It is not my intention to cause pain but to help a few people that are odviously asking for it.
    Trust that Reiki was sent for everyone and is given generously by our creator as part of a plan that existed before time. Practice the 5 principles. For today be grateful, honor others, worry not, anger not, do your work honestly. It will sort itself out kiddos.
    None of us are better simply on a different path.
    Not sure if this will be read but grateful for the opportunity to share my story.

    • I am a 27 years young certified reiki master-teacher (I personally prefer the term Shihan) and I am grateful for your comment and the thoughts and facts contained within it! Peace love light and happiness 🙌❤🙌

  25. The symbol does not a Master make. A Master “makes” the symbol. A novice can play a flute all day and make no music. A Master can use the same flute to produce beauty, love, and magic.

  26. So much ego in this bunch of comments…*sigh* Are we not Reiki practitioners primarily to serve? But to be so haughty and egoic, is it not an indicator that more healing of the self is needed? Also, the binding and boxing in of logic alone will keep you “stuck” in your one same spot. The other half of logic is needed for true balance, for true effectiveness and blessings, and what is that other half of logic, its Divine counterpart? It is MAGICK…and Reiki IS magick!

  27. I’ve met so many other Reiki Masters that have left such a bad taste in my mouth, it nearly drove me away from Reiki altogether, which would have been such a shame. Be careful how you present yourself.

  28. The symbols in Reiki are helping tools to get to the “reference point” when guiding the energy through yourself to others. You can also do it without the symbols, when you are mastering the “reference points”. So it is the guiding of Reiki energy which are important, not necessarily the symbols. You can think of the symbols as those support wheels the youngsters are using when they learn to use the bicycle. After a while you don’t need them. I think the symbols where created as a demand from the Japanese Military to get a way to be able to use Reiki as soon as possible, without several months of training first.

  29. I am a 27 years young certified Usui Shiki Ryoho reiki master-teacher (I personally prefer the term Shihan) and I am grateful for all of your comments and the thoughts and facts contained within it! Peace love light and happiness to you all 🙌❤🙌

  30. Hlo to All Respected Everyone, Can You Please Advice me Any Best Reiki Master in Ludhiana, I ave 2 Nos Degrees & want to Join Another Degrees, Please Reply me Thanks,

  31. Oh please someone help me m. My grandmaster told me to meditate for 40 days with the third symbol to activate its powers and do it between 8pm to 12 am. If missed than have to start it again. It’s 12:38am can I do it now or I missed it today??

    • Precious one… The symbol is simply “a tool” to help you “focus” and become “One” with the energy… The question to ask yourself, “How many hoops do you have to jump through to become enlightened?”… The answer is, “none!”… The only separation between yourself and “Universal Energy” (Reiki) is your belief and/or thinking that you are “separate” (created by the beliefs we all were given and adopted as “true”~!)… In the ultimate scheme of things, meditating daily and rituals are simply tools, to center and focus yourself, becoming aligned and attuned to that which already resides within you! What time of day to do things, is when you can commit the focus and time to do it! Some “teachers” prescribe rituals to determine the true intent and actual heart of the student, prior to attuning (or initiating) them further… You seem truly intent to Be all that you truly are and can be, in order to Be and become a guide, helping both yourself and others (“A good teacher, is but a wise student!”)… Be at peace, do your best, cause no intentional harm and at the same time open to the peace within that is already part of the Universal Energy (Reiki) within and without… With confidence, pure intent, practice, etc. your teacher will further your study, helping you to become masterful in the techniques! If not, follow your heart, there are numerous guides (“teachers”) to help you further your path… Blessings and Namaste…

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