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Lessons Learnt and Solstice Rituals

Article by Ashwini Chubé

The year is almost getting over. Was a year of massive learnings. Time to acknowledge the awesome magic we created and express some gratitude. Also, time to move on and forgive if things didn’t work that well. This is a powerful activity one can do on the winter solstice (summer solstice if you are in the Southern Hemisphere). But before we do that let us sum up our learnings for this year.

Here were some of my learnings

  • Take care of your body if you do a lot of energy work. While you are working on mind and soul don’t ignore your body. Eat well. Drink water exercise and don’t be afraid to rest well. Go for body massages to restore.
  • Stand up for yourself – take a stand. This was one of the big learnings for me as I realized I was afraid to take a stand. I stopped sitting on the fence and stood up for myself.
  • Never lose your individuality. Sometimes in the name of being flexible and adjusting we sacrifice too much of ourselves even make ourselves less than what we are or slow down, we are to fit in, to make others feel better or simply to make others feel good. Sure they deserve the best but so do you. Stop making yourself small. You deserve the best.
  • Don’t ask for validations – simply trust your heart. As I started moving closer to my core self I realized that my need to ask others for advice and validation lessened. I started listening to the voice of my higher self. Though it is not an overnight process with practice it is possible.
  • Finally – do not be afraid to speak your truth. Whether it is saying no to something you don’t want, honoring yourself or putting yourself first. Don’t be afraid to speak it. Moreover, I started speaking the truth exactly what I meant and not as what the other person wanted to hear.
Lessons Learnt and Solstice Rituals

Image by geralt

We had many closures and faceoffs this year. We had major revelations about people. Many people showed their true colors and that made us realized what toxic relationships are. However, rather than judging them and feeling sorry for yourself take this opportunity to stand in your power and be there for yourself. I call this self-empowerment.

All said and done whatever could be your learnings for this year. Know that the bygones are bygones and a fresh new chapter begins. How about doing a Ritual to mark it:

  • Sit in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Take a huge chart paper and many colorful pens
  • Divide the chart paper into 3 parts under headings
    • In part 1 – write down all the best things that happened this year. It could mean gratitude for the promotion you received, the money you created or if you recovered from illness. Draw the Reiki power symbol CKR here. This will amplify your blessings
    • In part 2 – write down things that didn’t go well and lessons learned thereon. You can also additionally add any forgiveness notes to people who have upset you. They gave you chance to go deep within yourself to heal you. Here draw the emotional healing SHK symbol to forgive and heal
    • In part 3 – Write all the things you look forward to. Write your goals, dreams all about the vacation you wish to take, the house you want to live in and the love you want to give yourself. Doesn’t matter if you feel they are too big or small. Draw the HSZSN symbol here
  • Next – decorate your paper with designs stickers pictures. Add a few drops of essential oil to it. I would use clary sage or lavender. Chanel Reiki for 20-25 mins. You can use a timer
  • On or before 31st Dec night – bury the paper in your garden or plant. Let it go. Thank the universe for everything it has given you and affirm: “I am grateful for the blessings of this year and for the blessings of the new year in advance.”

Wishing you happiness love and Abundance
Love to all my readers

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Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube

After doing her MBA in finance and working for 8 years in investment banking Ashwini discovered her life purpose and decided to make a choice to be a transformational trainer, life coach, motivational speaker, and a spiritual teacher. She says Reiki helped her find her soul mission.
In 2016 May Ashwini founded Unicorn Insight – a corporate training company. Unicorn Insight trained over 100 people in the first 15 months. Ashwini also founded and runs a recruiting and networking firm – Tree of life. Ashwini has co-founded Urja Wellness and Joy for wellness and all these brands are now part of the Unicorn Group.
Ashwini is a master teacher of Usui Reiki, Violet Flame healing, Angelic healing and is an Access bars facilitator. She has been certified as a trainer by Dale Carnegie. Ashwini is also a mind trainer, an angel card, and tarot reader as well as a teacher and conducts workshops on Reiki, Violet flame, Law of Attraction, Gratitude, Vision Boards and Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Akashic records and is a certified Fairiologist. She is a regular speaker at HELP talks Mumbai. The Breakthrough workshop is a life-changing workshop where she teaches tools to empower and change your life.
Get in touch with Ashwini through her Website: www.unicorninsight.com or at ashwini.chube@unicorninsight.com. Her Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/unicorninsight

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