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What Do We Mean by Reiki ‘Healing’?

Article by Stephanie Drane

Those of us lucky enough to have Reiki in our daily lives have had many experiences of a range of Reiki healing miracles, from subtle little ones to pretty amazing life changing ones. Some Reiki miracles creep up on us slowly and we don’t realise they’re happening until one day we wake up and realise there’s been a definite but gradual change for the better.

I cannot deny the healing qualities in Reiki, but I do not call myself a ‘healer’ or make promises of healing unless I am talking to people who understand that healing has many levels and is an intricate and complicated thing. As a channel of Reiki, I am the conduit through which others can access healing energy, I can use intention and focus on certain areas but once the Reiki has passed from me to the recipient what they do with it is between them, their higher selves and Reiki itself.

Clients may come to Reiki expecting one particular result, but as there are so many ways we learn and grow from our experiences, what they are ‘suffering’ from could actually be a valuable signal, lesson or turning point in their life. A ‘cure’ right then and there may not actually be for their highest good. Reiki, coming from a place of higher wisdom and perspective can heal in ways we can’t conceive of. It flows to where it is needed and heals for the highest good. This might not look like we had expected it to. For example, an ‘unhealed’ physical condition might lead us to have to change job, which might turn out to be so much more rewarding and in line with our values, but we might not have considered it without the discomfort of the physical condition. Reiki wisdom knows this so will heal you in other ways, for example, healing your confidence so that you can go for the new job. This is one example of the many ways that Reiki can heal by gently and subtly guiding us, healing our lives, making them better.

What Do We Mean By Reiki ‘Healing?’

Image by Pezibear

Clients may come expecting to heal a particular thing but leave having resolved a long-standing issue that they had got so used to they’d almost forgotten. They can also discover a new way of thinking, or being, or find a new level of connection with themselves and/or the divine/the universe which can be such an enriching experience, again, making life better.

Reiki is also a wonderful way to ensure well-being in the future. Being more relaxed, calm and centered and less stressed or anxious means we are not as likely to succumb to stress-related illnesses. In this way, as well as actually sending Reiki across time and space using HSZSN we can ensure that we are less likely to need healing in the future; a preventative measure.

Surrendering to Reiki and trusting that it will heal us for the highest good will open us to many more beautiful opportunities, experiences, and connections, heal us and make life better for us in ways we cannot imagine possible. To heal something basically means to make it better, and there is no doubting that Reiki is healing, it reaches all aspects of our lives and if we allow it, can make them better. Healing can occur on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, levels within our selves, our environment, relationships with others, connections, life path, synchronistic occurrences and in ways we cannot understand. Reiki creates gentle, positive change in our lives, brings new levels of understanding of our selves and life in general. It lifts our mood, changes our perspective, boosts our well-being, raises our vibration and puts us in a happy frame of mind. As such Reiki is not only a healing tool but also a spiritual practice and that practice has a healing effect on our life. A positive spiral.

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Stephanie Drane
Stephanie Drane

Stephanie Drane is a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Artist in Suffolk, England. Stephanie’s mission is to provide her clients with a calm and serene space away from their busy lifestyles, where she encourages them to take control of their own wellbeing and to value and nurture themselves to bring about inner peace, balance, and happiness. As a Reiki Master Stephanie is thrilled to be able to teach and empower others: “It is so rewarding to watch people discover the positive power of Reiki and experience the benefits for themselves.” When Stephanie is not giving Reiki and other holistic treatments or enjoying time with her family and friends she recharges herself by swimming in rivers, walking barefoot outdoors and eating good food. Stephanie’s website is: www.angelichands.biz Check out Stephanie’s blog for her insights and wisdom on how to enjoy inner peace and a calmer life over at angelichands444.wordpress.com.

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  • Mahadev M C September 8, 2018, 1:44 am

    Hi Stephanie. Really amazing article you shared and it’s clarified more about healing concept. Thank you

  • Steph September 18, 2018, 3:43 pm

    Hi Mahadev, thank you for your kind words.

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