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Feeling Pain After Reiki Session or Attunement- What Is It Telling You?

Article by Aarti Seraphim

“This too shall pass.”

Are you searching about feeling pain or sickness after a Reiki session/attunement? Have you ever been into such a situation? You can relax since you are not the only one; I am one of you all. Some of you may have even gone through troublesome symptoms post receiving Reiki sessions or even attunement; while other may have stopped practicing Reiki or continuing with the therapy out of horror. But, it is absolutely normal to be skeptical because it is our body we are talking about and we do not wish to take any chance with it. However, experiencing severe pain or other symptoms of sickness is actually an alert Reiki is sending your way. Read on to know how?

Common phenomenon

It was not long ago when I read about many people who started feeling pain after Reiki session or sometimes post the attunement. Even when I learned Reiki first time, I was informed by my teacher to continue my medication in medical facilities. When I explored around and got in touch with other people receiving healing sessions, they told me that they also experienced similar issues of pain or sickness completing their sitting. Some people faced excessive sweating while other described uneasiness in a body part. But does that mean we should stop continuing with our therapy or self- healing practice?

Let’s begin with my story

I started to receive my Reiki therapy combined with other faith healing practices in 2014 for the first time. I needed it as I was suffering from years old issue of severe pelvic cramps before my monthly cycles. Previously, around the age of 14 to 18 the duration of pain remained about 3 to 7 days. The time frame gradually increased to 2 weeks and before I knew, I was completely bedridden out of excruciating lower abdominal cramps. I survived my college years with birth control pills as recommended by my health physician. However, as I grew up the pills stopped showing their effect.

Long story short, I was 25 when I first received a Reiki session for healing my condition. (I learned my first two levels of Reiki at the same time.) I realized that the pain subsided for the first few days and then it started getting worse after some time. My healer kept on releasing my karmic ties and removing dark entities attacking me the whole time. But the pain started troubling me the on the exact time of the month as before. I even tried self- healing sessions. The duration of pain, however, came slightly down but not completely vanished. I started being pessimistic about my healing therapy.

Feeling Pain After Reiki Session or Attunement

Image by artyangel

I tried to change my doctor as I thought the birth control pills were not doing any good for me. The new physician suggested some other medical tests along with a fresh ultrasound. Well, I did the same. The radiologist clearly stated traces of endometriosis in my report calling it a rare case (because I was not in a relationship or planning conception). My physician disregarded the reports specifying my condition being inept for endometriosis. She put me on birth control pills again but just like before the medication did not do any good to me.

Meanwhile, I switched places with my family and moved to a new country. The pain was suppressed by the healing somehow but kept on showing up.

Second time healing crisis

My sister (who is also a Reiki healer) suggested me to learn Karuna Ki Reiki. She said it was pretty good on her and maybe it could help me too. I enrolled in a course of Karuna Ki Reiki. On my attuning day, I started feeling pain after my Reiki attunement. It got worse and worse. I reached to my sister and my other healer for sending me healings. They cured my out of control condition somehow. But, after this, my pessimism grew more toward healing therapies. I discontinued self-healing practice and managed to live somehow with the pain. I even discontinued my medication of contraception as I did not require it that I did not realize was an aftereffect of Reiki. All I was doing now – praying to the universe to bring me my miracle.

Reiki finally knocked

One lucky day my father took me to a physician and explained to her about my situation. My physician got in touch with a specialist and also recommended another fresh round of ultrasound. The radiologist this time stated that the endometrium growth became bigger. From here, it was confirmed that I even previously had endometriosis which the physician considered a ‘false alarm.’ The specialist, who was called for further medication, suggested a series of injections that will reduce the tissue growing on the outer side of my uterus. And it WORKED! The pain, in present, has significantly reduced without any contraceptive pills.

It took me some time to realize that every time when I was feeling pain after a Reiki session, it was an alert. Especially the time when my pain got severe after the Karuna Ki Reiki attunement. I even dropped my contraceptive pills at that time. Reiki not only helped me quitting the ineffectual medicine, which was causing me only side-effects, but it took me to the right channel of healing too.

What if my pain would never have increased? I would not have gone to a therapist for the further consultation. In the first time when the physician failed to realize my condition, the Reiki put me through another situation. I once again had to visit a new physician as a second advice who confirmed my illness and began my fruitful treatment.

So is it pain that Reiki wishes to cause?

Absolutely not! And here is why?

  1. When a chronically diseased part of your body receives healing it begins to release the negative energies it was holding all the time. Usually, a malfunctioning body part or body becomes a home for dark entities. These entities are not willing to leave your body, then, at any cost. What happens when you throw someone out of its residence (even if the one is an illegal tenant)? It begins to trouble you and shows tantrums. Similarly, the dark energies residing in your body trouble you more so you become skeptical and stop the practice of healing immediately. This way these energies never need to leave and their residence remains intact.
  2. Now, you should always remember the ‘thumb rule’ of the healing practitioners- “never stop your medication or consultations with alternative therapies.” And here is the catch! If you start feeling pain after Reiki session or attunement, go to your physician as soon as possible. Most probably, the diseased part of your body is willing to be diagnosed. It is crying out for help and louder, once you receive healing, as it successfully grabbed your attention. Just wait for your miracle to arrive. Do remember to ask your healer to send you healings to subside the pain or other symptoms.
  3. Finally, if there are usual symptoms like diarrhea, sweating, sleepiness, headaches, or general fatigue then self-healing practice should be continued. Such symptoms are commonly reported after the attunement, not in all the cases, which dilute with the 21 days of self-practice of Reiki. But, seeing a physician upon worsening of a condition is always a smart idea.

Healing modalities are not meant to harm anyone. They are purely the work of beautiful white light to channel the universal healing energy in your body. Thus, never stop practicing and receiving Reiki or faith healing when you experience pain. Rather, consult your physician and go to the root cause of the pain. The source or the ultimate wishes the best for you and will surely bring you the light. Just keep your faith alive and revive it with prayers every time you fall skeptical to dark thoughts or your ego-self.

“Let there be light, let there be life.”

Tip: Ever you have a doubt about your healing session or your healing practitioner then get in touch with your guardian angels and Archangel Michael to help you out in the situation. Pray by saying “Dear Archangel Michael and guardian angels of mine, please take me to the right channel of healing my body (name the ailment) or suffering. This or better, thank you.” Continue praying till you receive your right treatment and keep showing the gratitude.

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Aarti Seraphim

Aarti Seraphim

Aarti Seraphim is a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Angels Therapist, and Tarot Card Reader. She has completed her Masters in English Literature from IGNOU Noida, India. Aarti is trained in Indian Classical Vocal Music and French Language. She works as a freelance writer. She idealizes love and peace as the sole purpose of the creator. She is inspired to enlighten the world about healing modalities and self-love. Her aspiration to restore love and peace in the world motivates her to use the blessings of lightwork for helping out those in need. You can reach her at reikiaarti777@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/groups/aartiseraphim/.


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      Thank you.

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    Amazing…May god bless you and thanks a lot for enlightenment.

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