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Reiki and the Art of Creativity

Article by Patti Barker Kierys

We live in a busy and stressful world. The day to day hustle can sap our energy and our creative spirit. Artistic expression can soothe the spirit for the creator and receiver. It can be a time of reflection and healing.

When we are attuned to Reiki, many areas of our lives are affected in positive and life-changing ways. No matter the source of creation, whether it is art, pottery, poetry, music, photography or another form, channeling Reiki as part of the process allows for a deeper and more meaningful expression. For me, one of the areas is as an artist.

An example is a painting I created of a winter snow scene with cardinals. It was hanging in an art show when a friend noticed a woman standing before the painting for quite some time. My friend told her she knew the artist’s work. She told the woman the artist is a Reiki Master and her paintings are known for evoking a sense of peace, healing, and joy. The woman seemed to understand as she continued to gaze upon the painting. She told my friend that her son had recently passed unexpectedly. She said she was drawn to the painting because it gave her a peaceful feeling as well as a sense of her son’s presence.

Once the story was relayed to me, it touched my heart. I immediately contacted the woman and told her the painting was my gift to her. I could not charge for the painting. Though we met as strangers, we are now friends and continue to be in contact with each other. The gift of friendship far exceeds any monetary value that was placed on the artwork. She uses the painting as a center point for her peaceful, healing and meditative space. When Reiki is infused in an art piece, the healing can be extraordinary.

The following is an outline of the what steps can be taken in creating a painting. These steps can be applied to any form of creativity:

  1. Set up a workspace with a canvas, paints, and brushes. Place the palms of your hands together and slowly open them back and forth allowing the Reiki energy to build between them. Open your hands and release the Reiki energy around the room and upon the canvas setting a positive intention for the creativity that will take place.
  2. Place yourself in a meditative state for a few minutes. Think about what you would like the subject of your painting to be. You may find that the subject matter you were thinking of creating will be in greater detail. A new image may emerge and surprise you. You may also feel more confident in your ability to create your art
  3. Set the intention that Reiki will flow while you are creating your painting. Once the Reiki energy and intention have been placed on the canvas, you are ready to begin the painting. Reiki does not have to be added each time you work on your piece. It will continue to flow when necessary.
  4. When you know the piece is ready for your signature, take a few breaths and allow yourself to be in the moment. Be grateful for the inspiration received and the ability to create it into a piece of art you wish to share with others.
  5. The final step is to sign and name the painting. At this point, unless you are keeping the painting, it is time to let it go. Let your hands fill with Reiki energy and place them above and around the art piece. Set the intention for the viewer to feel the Reiki energy with a sense of peace, stress release and relaxation.
  6. When I am creating the painting for someone I know, I let the Reiki energy flow above and around the piece setting an intention specifically for that person. It may be related to family, health issues, financial or employment situations, but always ending with the intention of peace, stress release and relaxation, which can assist in any personal decisions facing the person.
  7. For those who have been attuned to Reiki II and III levels, you may add the Reiki symbols when setting up your art space, during your creative adventure, and signing your art piece.

I have found through the years that Reiki is a great source for dealing with my inner critic. When the whispering voice rises and says, “I am not good enough, I don’t know how, and others can do it better,” I take a moment and allow the Reiki energy to fill me. I set the intention that all is possible and proceed with my artistic expression. It is amazing the results by simply shifting the thought process.

Though this method works for me, it does not have to be exactly the same for you. If you have other beliefs to add, such as prayer, angels and spirit guides do not hesitate to alter the steps to include them in your creation. Let them enhance your process.

The above method will work for any area of the arts you enjoy or wish to try. In addition to what has been mentioned, it can be expanded to include writing, dance, theater, and gardening. No matter the activity the flow of Reiki energy will be a positive addition to the creative process. I am always pleasantly surprised by the results.

We are different as individuals and, therefore, our creative Reiki experience will be unique as we travel our life’s path. I have learned when I set an intention and allow Reiki to flow, the end result usually is exactly as it should be. The secret is to have a creative path to travel. Take time from your hectic, daily life to allow yourself to find it.

May the path you choose be filled with love, peace, and happiness.

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Patti Barker Kierys

Patti Barker Kierys

Patti Barker Kierys is a Reiki Master-Teacher, artist and author. She is trained in all levels of Usui Reiki and is certified in Ligtharian Reiki I and II. She has been practicing Reiki for almost twenty years. She is a lifetime member of the Reiki Healing Association. Upon retiring after 45 years in the legal field and as a Senior Paralegal, she decided to expand the Reiki experience to the next level. In 2014, she formed The Art of Reiki and offers training in Reiki as well as individual Reiki sessions.
Patti can be reached at pmkierys@att.com and on Facebook – Patti Barker Kierys

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  • vandana August 1, 2018, 3:55 pm

    Amazing article! I was waiting for such guidance about painting and it is as if this was written for me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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