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Boosting Creativity with Reiki

Article by Tracy Morrow

Writers, musicians, painters, and all other artists, share a common reliance on free flowing creativity, and the ability to remain inspired. How this creativity and inspiration is experienced is unique as the art that is produced by each creative type. For instance, some artists report that their creations come from their head space, heart space, or intuition. Other artists report utilizing a combination of these sources. Others explain that their inspiration simply becomes known to them, without rhyme or reason.

While those in the arts require heightened inspiration, everyone else needs the ability to access their creativity as well. Creativity allows us to find solutions to everyday problems. It allows us to successfully navigate through the twists and turns that life continually offers. And, it provides us with a means to enjoy all facets of the richness and glory in this lifetime.

Even Einstein reported on the importance of creativity when he said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

While knowledge is as easy as picking up a book, watching a video, or attending classes, creativity is a more challenging skill to improve upon. It requires the ability to allow inspiration and ideas to flow freely, through an open heart, mind, and spirit. It also requires the ability to see, hear, feel, or otherwise experience life in ways that sometimes defies logic.

Boosting Creativity

Image by Pezibear

Unfortunately for many, creativity is oftentimes like the butterfly that teases with the most beautiful colors and movements, yet stays just outside the reach of the one who wants it the most. Every writer can share similar experiences when he or she talks about writer’s block. Problems such as this can affect anyone who would like to access their creativity and find that it has mysteriously disappeared.

Fortunately, everyone has the opportunity to experience an increase in creativity through Reiki. This gentle therapy enhances inspiration and connection to deeper sources of the same. Reiki also breaks through energetic blocks that destroy access to one’s creative nature.

Reiki goes to work immediately to reduce stress. It allows an authentic detachment from the ego, and releases one into the more creative realms of the higher mind. This is an essential benefit for every type of artist, because the ego’s job is not to create, it is to protect.

Stress keeps one bound to the ego, where the calming and restorative benefits of Reiki is a key to creative freedom. Reiki also goes to work to clear energetic blocks to allow inspiration to flow freely. Artists that rely on having access to their shadow selves can also benefit from these blocks being released, as the clearing process brings the opportunity for a deeper knowing on all levels.

As the energetic blocks are cleared through Reiki, the chakras are also rebalanced. This process creates another set of benefits, including enhancing the connection to the creative realms, and promoting the self-confidence needed for full expression. The mind, body, and spirit become unified, rejuvenated, and refreshed. This allows dancers to move more freely, writers to write with greater articulation, and painters to create the most intense canvases.

When you take a moment to consider that inspire means “To breathe life into”, and realize that Reiki breathes life force energy into wherever it is directed, you cannot help but imagine the possibilities of boosting creativity with Reiki. When anyone becomes infused with this pure energy, their connection to the source of imagination deepens on the most profound levels.

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Tracy Morrow

Tracy Morrow

In passionate pursuit of timeless living, Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Writer. Tireless in her commitment to service, she is currently invested in helping create better lives by opening minds and resources in order to improve wellness and recovery for families living with behavioral health challenges. You can find more about Tracy at Inspir3.com

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