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Combining Reiki with Numerology

Article by Corie Chu

Numerology came from ancient times, most notably through the work of Pythagoras. It used to take hours to create a birth chart, but just like everything else, Numerology has evolved and now it takes just minutes to create a birth chart. The Numerology system that I primarily work with was in fact inspired by Yogi Bhajan, the Guru who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West. And while Kundalini heavily involves breathwork, as many of us in this community know, so does Reiki. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Numerology Teacher and a student of Kundalini Yoga myself, I’ve found many shared qualities.

Numerology is a practical tool that can help us understand who we are, how we process information mentally, our lessons in life (aka karma), how we are projected to others, but who we really are at the core. It shares what our talents and gifts are and yet also helps us identify our weaknesses, which is handy so we can work on becoming better in those areas. Additionally, it reveals information about our life’s purpose and insight on how to reach our purpose.

Numerology has helped me understand who I am and how I can be more effective as a healer. It’s helped my Reiki students massively in identifying how they can best channel Reiki to others too. I’ve found it to be a super useful diagnostic tool for my clients before a Reiki treatment.

In Numerology, we work mainly work with numbers 1-11 (with exception of a few other Special Numbers and Master Numbers which we won’t get into here.) Any number above 11 gets reduced to a single digit number. For example, the number “12” would be viewed as single digits and added together: 1+2 = 3.

Let’s take a look at your/your client’s birth month number which represents the “Lesson” (aka karma/challenges in life). Lessons usually occur more notably from ages 0-18, but they will continue coming and repeating themselves throughout our lifetime until they are truly addressed, and only the Universe gets to decide when a lesson is complete. So if you/your client notices a pattern and thinks “Why does this keep happening to me?” well, it’s time for some inward journeying. Identifying the “Lesson” number can help you look at your specific teachings of life from even more angles.

Combining Reiki with Numerology

Brief & Common Characteristics Associated With Each Number –

Check out the descriptions below and explore the polarity within each characteristic. Do you resonate with it, feel centered with it or feel quite the opposite? For example, notice how you feel towards the word “Grounded”. Are you grounded, too grounded or not grounded enough? Keep in mind that we all grew up with different worldviews and environments so each characteristic listed will be subjective.

● Fiercely independent
● Straightforward
● Self-centered (yet sometimes feels small in the world)
● Loner (who really likes being alone)
● May experience spine issues

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the root and heart chakras

● Enjoys connecting with people 1-on-1
● Monogamous in relationships, or likes to jump into a relationship one after another
● Prone towards a more negative mindset
● Overprotective and assess risks heavily
● Good student

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the sacral, solar plexus, heart and crown chakras

MARCH (3) / DECEMBER (12 -> 1+2 = 3)
● Happy go lucky personality, loves to have fun (sometimes too much)
● Super flexible physically and mentally
● A team player, great collaborator
● Unorganized and messy
● Extreme in moods, super happy or depressed, often anxious

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the root and solar plexus chakras.

● Structured, analytical in thought
● Organized, likes to plan all the details (perhaps OCD)
● Visually creative
● Stands up to injustice, immoral and honors the truth
● Judgemental (learn to be neutral)

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the root, heart and throat chakras.

MAY (5)
● Physically active, couch potato or has a healthy and balanced exercise routine
● Physically attractive
● Shines comfortably in the spotlight
● May have experienced physical body issues/traumas or a physical loss
● Natural networker and salesperson

*Tip: Physical pain is likely to be more apparent with 5’s, so apply Reiki healing where needed.

JUNE (6)
● Natural Healer who needs to learn not to give his/her own energy away
● Priorities are in the heart, home, and family
● Strong sense of responsibility, commitments are sacred
● Strong appreciation for beauty and beautiful things
● Self-Worth (high/low)

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the sacral, heart and throat chakras.

JULY (7)
● Clear Expression & Communication (challenging at first)
● Extrovert-Introvert (knows how to turn on a big personality in crowds but equally likes to hide away)
● Likes to retreat and recharge often
● Implements strong boundaries to protect aura
● Deep researcher, like to understand processes step-by-step

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the heart, throat and crown chakras.

● Natural energy healer
● Delegator, boss-like, super-organized
● Sleeping schedule is extreme or chaotic
● More drawn to masculine energies
● Abundant in money, power, and spiritual gifts
● May have addiction problems

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the power and heart chakras.

● Notices the subtle things in life
● Starts a lot of things but has trouble finishing them
● Focus for Self-Mastery
● Highly intuitive
● Resonates with rebirth, past-life regressions, mediumship and the like

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the third-eye and crown chakras.

Similar qualities to January (1’s)
● Radiant
● Royal-like nature
● Competitive, they are in a game to win!
● Natural Leaders
● Feels more drawn to feminine energies

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing more in the root, sacral and heart chakras

Similar qualities as February (2’s) only they prefer a spiritual connection vs a physical one
● Spiritual, atheist (or formerly atheist)
● Have a love and hate relationship with God
● Has a strong Divine connection
● Understands that they and spirit are ONE
● Airy-fairy

*Tip: Apply Reiki healing in the root, sacral, heart and crown chakras

Now, remember, these characteristics ONLY pertains to your/your client’s “Lesson” number so keep in mind, you/your client have so much more to offer from 8 other numbers from other chart positions. Numbers in other positions are there to bring balance or help resolve karmic lessons so some “Lessons” may have already been addressed or in the learning process. Personal year numbers and master cycles will take into effect too!

There’s a vast amount of information in Numerology so I hope my first article here serves to shed some light in our Reiki community.

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Corie Chu

Corie Chu

Corie is a Reiki Master Teacher, Numerology Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer and Wellness Community Builder. She often blends in her other trainings as a Certified Personal Development Coach, Certified Angel Card Reader, Akashic Records Consultant, Crystal Healer, Shamanism, and Dance into her practice. Corie specializes in Reiki Numerology treatments, a powerful combination of deep self-discovery, reflection, and healing. To reach Corie, or to learn more about her online consultations, treatments, and trainings, you can email her at hello@coriechu.com or visit her website coriechu.com. Her practice, Corie Chu Healing can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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