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Becoming an Energy Conduit in Reiki Sessions

Article by Kriss Erickson

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. It is Source energy and because of that, it is an important tool for healing and balance. In Reiki I, each student is given the Power Symbol, into the head and into the hands. One translation of the meaning of the Reiki Power Symbol is, “Place the power of the Universe here.” So you can see that from the very beginning of learning about Reiki, we are given the highest quality, most powerful energy possible.

As you continue to learn Reiki, more Symbols are given, to enhance and fine-tune the healing frequencies. Becoming a clear energy conduit helps the Reiki Practitioner to know which Symbol to invoke and when, as well as where to place her hands.

A Bamboo Reed

Being a clear energy conduit is a lot like being a bamboo reed. A bamboo reed is hollow inside. When water is drawn up from the roots, the center remains clear. In the same way, we can be aware of the energy being channeled from Source, its strength, direction and focus, as well as what aspects of the recipient are being addressed. We can do all of this without feeling like we need to control or direct the energy, or determine what the outcome must be.

As the Reiki Practitioner channels life force energy for and with the recipient, it is important to hold space for whatever changes could occur, without any judgment, or allowing expectations to get in the way. In this way, it is easy to remember that any changes or “healing” don’t come from the Practitioner.

The balance and transition into increased health come from the communication between the Reiki client and the Source energy.

Becoming an Energy Conduit--K

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Case studies have shown that deep trust encourages the cells of the body to open and relax, allowing the benefits of any therapy to have their maximum effect. Just like the hollow reed aspect for the Reiki Practitioner, so an atmosphere of peace, safety and trust assists the recipient in releasing any resistance to the healing process. This peaceful atmosphere is inherent in the Reiki frequencies themselves. As a Reiki Practitioner, you need to be sure to create a safe, quiet, comfortable place where Reiki recipients can feel safe and relax.

When a Reiki Practitioner invokes the First Pillar of Reiki, by asking Source to open a channel of healing energy for the recipient, she is literally knocking on heaven’s door.

And heaven always answers. When we hear, feel or sense the response from the Universe, we perform the Second Pillar of Reiki, by taking a moment to thank the Universe for responding to our request to open a channel.

It is within the structure and space created by the first two Pillars of Reiki that the Third Pillar, the Reiki session, is shared.

Holding the realization that we are standing in a sacred place created by the three Pillars of Reiki, literally working side by side with the Universal energy, creates a powerful and humbling focus for the Reiki session, as well as honing the Practitioner’s ability to simply hold space for healing to occur.

Universal Trust

As Reiki Practitioners, we trust that the Universe has provided each person with the resources they need to carry them on their life path. We can offer support, presence and Reiki, but we are not responsible to bring about change. Transformation and growth is the responsibility of each person. Sharing the information you noticed while acting as an energy conduit can also be helpful to recipient, because it helps him to learn to sense the energies flowing through his life as well.

Being an energy conduit helps us to remember that we are holding space for others to shift in ways they deem necessary. Any changes that we could label as healing occur at a deeply personal level based on the relationship between the individual and Source energy. Though we are honored to be a part of the process, we are not responsible for the healing process of another.

I hope you can see that there is nothing more powerful than the deep, trusting communication and connection between the individual and the life force energy of the Universe.


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Kriss Erickson
Kriss Erickson

Kriss Ericksonn is an Usui/Tibetan, Atlantean. Crystal, Karuna®, Ra-Sheeba and Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Acutonics Practitioner and the founder of the Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki system. She teaches and shares Reiki from her home in Everett, WA. Kriss also creates energetic art that she sells at art fairs, composes original music and is a published author. Reach Kriss at www.risingspiralsreiki.com/ and at slverkriss@aol.com.

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  • Carla Gerrans April 9, 2017, 6:05 pm

    Loved the article Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful website with us.

    • Dagny April 10, 2017, 2:25 pm

      Thank you, dear Carla! Love and Light!

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