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The Benefits of Reiki on Cerebral Palsy – Working with an Angel

Article by Asha Surti

I had never seen her sustain a smile for that long. It was a voluntary movement. Her eyes gazed up towards me, with a sparkle in them. She was relaxed, allowing me to gently touch her arms and move them up towards the ceiling. I noticed her breathing patterns becoming deeper; she seemed more present somehow. There were tingling vibrations and warmth emitting from my hands, and I know she felt it too. Comfortable and protected. She trusted me, and the powerful healing touch of Reiki.

Lisa was a beautiful seven year old girl, who unfortunately was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She had no voluntary control over any of her limbs, she was unable to communicate through speech, and was in a wheelchair most of the time. She had a one to one nurse for her medical needs throughout the school day. She had a fun personality, and a free spirited soul. She rarely complained and was a “go with the flow” gal with her friends and teachers.

Lisa enjoyed soulful activities like yoga and painting. She needed full assistance to take part in these activities, but by her facial expressions and eye gaze you could tell how content she was during these times. Therefore, I decided to try incorporating Reiki as a modality into her yoga time and Occupational Therapy sessions in school. Reiki, a noninvasive gentle healing technique that uses light touch or floating hands over various body parts, originated in Japan. I had recently become a certified Reiki Master and felt like my sense of intuition and attunement to energies around me had become extremely heightened. Lisa was open to receiving. Every time I worked with her, I felt more and more guided to incorporate this healing modality into her treatments at school.

The Benefits of Reiki on Cerebral Palsy Working With An Angel

Image by angelac72

The first time I used Reiki on Lisa, I noticed a major difference in her energy. She was calm, relaxed into my hands easily, and presented with a decreased heart rate during and after our session. As time went on, Lisa began to vocalize more, initiate a smile, and increase her oxygen levels naturally. She smiled as soon as she was positioned on a yoga mat with support behind her. I would gently place my hands on her crown all the way down to her feet. Her feet (which had poor circulation most of the time) felt warmer, vibrating strongly when Reiki was given. We were able to put her hand splints on (which were used to keep her fingers open and prevent potential hand sores) much more easily, as her muscles were more relaxed than ever before.

Reiki was used twice a week for thirty minutes with Lisa. I believe it helped her body become comfortable and relax into the space she was in. Medically there were signs it was helping her systems, and she began engaging more with her peers by vocalizing during groups. Every time I worked with her, I envisioned a beautiful white light surrounding her and knew there was a mind body spirit connection occurring. Lisa was an angel, a gentle child who was also helping me grow.

Sadly, Lisa passed away during the school year due to medical complications. I strongly believe that Reiki helped relieve her pain and distress while her body was on earth.

The day before she passed, I was out of town. Before getting the phone call, I knew that night that something was wrong. I saw shadows and felt a strong energy around me. I heard loud banging. I went to the window, but saw nothing. When I boarded my flight back home, I saw the most beautiful rays of sun shining in the sky. I knew her energy was surrounding me and her soul was at peace. She was a light worker herself, and had moved onto another beautiful life. I thank the power of Reiki for connecting us, and allowing her spiritual body to move towards a greater mission.

*This article uses a fictitious name due to the respect and privacy of the client and her family. May her soul rest in peace.*

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Asha Surti
Asha Surti

Asha Surti is an Occupational Therapist who studied at Boston University, and a Reiki Master currently practicing in Hoboken, NJ. She completed her training with leading RMT and Hypnotherapist Nicholas Harris in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was inspired to integrate holistic healing practices into her work by her late aunt, Urmila Surti, who was a RMT in India. She believes everyone has the ability to heal themselves, and feels guided to assist others in their journey; she is currently researching integrating two of her passions, OT and Reiki in serving children with special needs, particularly on the autism spectrum. She can be followed on Instagram @ReikiTraveler, or contacted at www.reikitraveler.com

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    Hello could you please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

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