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Reiki: The Energy of Love

Article by Reiki Nurse

Many people have asked me over the years why I chose to use Reiki. I did not choose Reiki, Reiki chose me. When I first started working with Reiki energy, some questions were difficult for me to answer. If I’d not believed in the power of Reiki as an all-encompassing and loving energy, I would have stumbled over my words and felt out of sorts. In fact, there were actually times in the beginning years when I consciously changed the subject because I was at a loss for words.

Today, though, I realize that Reiki simply is. It is the breath of the Universe, the platform on which we are all created, the Energy of Love. The Universe gifted us with this powerful, loving energy so that we would be able to heal ourselves, soothe our anxieties, soothe our very Souls. The powerful return we receive for helping ourselves, and others heal is that we eventually heal the Earth and all living beings. Love is the most precious state of Being that we can be connected to, and Reiki IS that Love.

When we use the divinity of Reiki energy to help ourselves and others heal, we are tapping into a most powerful paradigm: The paradigm of Love. Love is Energy. Energy is Love. Reiki is energy. Energy is Reiki. Love is Reiki. Reiki is Love. The truth is that healing, loving Reiki Energy has provided relief of many ailments, mostly mental and/or emotional, to countless clients (and to myself) time and again.

Reiki: The Energy of Love

When a client rises up from the table and claims that he or she feels ‘better’, ‘lighter’, ‘clearer’, ‘grounded’, ‘tingly’, ‘peaceful’, it’s transparently clear to me that Reiki Energy has managed to make an impression. There is nothing I enjoy hearing more than that the session for my client was peaceful, gentle and effective. For me, that solidifies Reiki’s healing Love energy no matter how many years I’ve been working with this amazing energy!

I’m so grateful to have had Reiki Energy within my realm of ‘tools’ to help me heal, too. I’ve always felt supported and aligned with the energy of Reiki from the first time I was introduced to it. Over the years, its subtle, yet powerful emanations, has proven to be most valuable in countless situations that have arisen in my Life. I honor and respect the energy of Reiki, and feel blessed with its connection to Love and Peace. The Energy of Reiki is equitable to the Energy of Love. I hold space for both in my Heart and Soul. Always.

Thank you to all the Ascended Masters, Reiki Masters, Light Beings and Angels of Reiki ~ we are all connected within the spiritual matrix of Love & Peace.

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Reiki NurseReiki Nurse is a Registered Nurse, who is also certified in Usui Rhoyo Reiki and more recently in Karuna Holy Fire® Reiki as a Master Teacher. Reiki Nurse holds a Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a professional license as a Massage Therapist. Reiki discovered her gifts of clairsentience and clairaudience as a young child, and has also studied various forms of divination throughout this incarnation. Reiki Nurse grew up in New England, U.S.A., and currently resides in South Florida for the last 16 years with her Toy Poodle, Kody. Her first book “Family Sin: How Reiki Helped Heal My Life” was published in February 2018. Reiki Nurse can be reached via Facebook: www.facebook.com/familysinbook, website: www.kathirancourt.com, or blog: www.nurseswithreiki.blogspot.com.

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