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Hearing Your Angels Through Nutrition – 6 Foods and Drinks that Block Your Intuition

Article by Jaclyn Webb

I’m doing everything I can to live a spiritually based life right now. I meditate daily, pray, say my affirmations, count my blessings, and have finally settled into a career that’s on track with my life purpose. Through experience, I’ve found that in order for me to live a spiritually based life, I MUST be able to hear my angels, aka my intuition. When I don’t have my intuition guiding me throughout the day, my decisions are made from my head, not my heart. I start living like I used to – from my head and not my heart. And everything in my life seems to get off track and get a little messy. I find it harder to connect with my friends and family, because I’m connecting from ego, not my higher self.

My goal is to be living out of my heart, as much as possible. This is when I’m aligned with the universe, and things start to work in my favor. I feel like I’m living my higher purpose. Because of this, I want to do anything I can to hear my intuition! What I’ve found on this journey, is that you can’t ignore the effects of nutrition for hearing your angels. Whenever I eat some of these common foods, my clairaudience goes away. I feel disconnected from others. It’s like my radio frequency to my angels changes, and I CAN’T. GET. THROUGH. TO. THEM!

When I’m giving a Reiki session, I am guided by my intuition. My guides tell me areas to treat, as well as transmit important messages during the healing. My sessions are most powerful and healing when I’m clearly connected to my intuition.

Here are common foods and drinks that block your intuition

1. Coffee (or any type of caffeine) – Yes, this is not what I wanted to hear either. I wanted to be in denial. However, the countless times I’ve experimented with caffeine and tried to truly connect with my intuition, it was extremely difficult. Even if cutting down on caffeine isn’t a step you choose to make right now, the awareness here will help you in the long run.

2. Kombucha – Even the small amounts of caffeine found in kombucha is enough to cloud your intuition. I’m a self-reformed kombucha addict, so I share the true love many of you have with kombucha. However, this is one to keep in mind, as the small amounts of caffeine found in kombucha will energetically affect you. Same goes for decaf coffee.

3. Processed Foods and Artificial Colors – So, I once ate a 5 calorie jello. Yes, times were desperate. Afterwards, I tried to do an intuitive reading with my sister and I couldn’t hear anything from my guides! Artificial colors and processed foods throw your body off balance. The more your body is energetically aligned, the more you can hear your angels.

4. Cheese (or dairy foods) – Yes, another unfortunate one! Dairy has a chemical mechanism in it that is similar to an opioid, which blocks your pain receptors. So it is essentially dulling your senses. When you dull your senses, you can’t as easily key into the senses necessary to hear your angels.

5. Sugar – Particularly the sugar found in baked goods, candy, and processed foods; but not so much the natural sugars found in fruit. Sugar overexcites your brain. It gives you a “high”. The “high” takes you away from the necessary state you need to be in to hear your angels, which is being “grounded” and in touch with your body.

6. Food Allergies and Sensitivities – This category applies to anything that you have trouble digesting, or creates an immune response in the body. If your nervous system is on overdrive from something you ate and cannot properly digest, you are out of balance. Your energy is going towards reestablishing balance in the body from the food offender, not hearing your angels. Your senses are in overdrive, not balanced, which is the state where you can best hear your angles.

In summary, anything that “numbs” you or alters your state of mind, is going to affect your intuition. It’s important to be balanced and grounded to key into your intuition. This is why water and natural foods, such as organic fruits, vegetables, and proteins are going to be your best bet for living a full life from your heart!

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Jaclyn Webb

Jaclyn Webb

Jaclyn is a past life regression hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner from Santa Monica, CA. She spends her time studying energy healing, nutrition, and spirituality. Her life purpose and passion is healing; her goal is to empower others to heal their own lives, through the wisdom she’s gained on her journey. Jaclyn spent the majority of her life with chronic health issues. She found that getting back into nature, practicing energy healing modalities such as past life regression and Reiki, using intuitive nutrition, making healthy lifestyle changes, and healing traumatic childhood experiences with gestalt therapy was what got her well. In her newfound wellness, she loves beach walks with her sister, traveling, reading a good book, and spending time with her family. Jaclyn looks forward to sharing her spiritual gifts with the world! Find her at: www.jaclynwebbhealing.com

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  • Rena February 5, 2017, 12:05 am

    Not COFFEE!????

  • JJ June 18, 2017, 2:52 pm

    Not all coffees are the same – it may be the mold in cheap coffee that is affecting you. The polyphenols in good coffee are good for you!

  • Thiago Couto August 26, 2017, 12:42 pm

    bem diferente rs

  • Eleni March 24, 2018, 3:12 pm

    Can these foods be different for others, I drink coffee Greek one to be specific throughout the day and eat cheese yet my intuition and communication is get stronger as I practice.

  • Atma Jnani December 16, 2018, 11:35 am

    Nope! I ‘ve been channeling my guides and archangels and hear them clearly for so long I m sure u have no idea what is all about ..except the theory! – We have to consume, individually, whatever our body needs! – I ‘ve noticed that eating red meat only grounds, but neither this can stop the higher communication -So we only need these: a clear aura and soul, a healthy body+ mind, chakras working properly .. everything else is marketing nonsense!
    Love and Light!

  • Stephanie Edwards August 2, 2019, 7:22 pm

    Thank you for your article. Very interesting. I agree to some of the things you say but have you considered that you could be intolerant to caffeine? Everyone is different, so the food that affects you may not affect another. I for instant, I can drink black coffee and still be intuitive. For me, I can not eat a protein-rich meal in the morning as my digestion can no handle it (I am vegetarian) so an omelet or tofu before a Reiki session will affect my digestion and thus, as you mentioned, affects your homeostasis state and intuition. I totally agree with the additives and overly processed food and sugar.

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