Releasing Ourselves from Past-Life Promises


Article by Kathi Rancourt

An article I read today in “Daily OM” reminded me that there are so many things that the Distance Symbol (HSZSN) can do for us when it comes to our past and even our past-Life healing. I was immediately moved to write a new article about healing and releasing ourselves from past-Life transgressions, particularly from promises that we’ve made to ourselves or others in our past incarnations which have served to be obstacles in our path moving forward in this Lifetime.

Some of us made promises to ourselves (or to others) in past incarnations which we failed to keep for one reason or another. The reasons behind why we haven’t kept our promises are many, some valid, some not. But the reasons are not important. What about promises we made to ourselves or to others in past-Life incarnations that are affecting us moving forward in this Lifetime? Can we ‘fix’ those issues with the HSZSN symbol? We can most definitely heal and break-free from the victimization our past-Life promises have created for us in this Lifetime.

We don’t even necessarily have to be aware of what exactly the circumstances were in our past incarnations. We simply need to be willing to heal from those issues, send Reiki healing to the situations or incarnations, and the rest is Universal, as they say. Per usual, Reiki does what it needs to do subtly and profoundly and it goes where it needs to go. That’s the belief that we hold to be true in Reiki circles globally. Remember that metaphysically, there are no ‘Time’ constraints on any energetic healing modalities, because metaphysically, there is no Time. Time is a human-created construct, and Reiki transcends any and all time barriers.

Releasing Ourselves from Past
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Here’s how I’ve been doing it

1. Simply sit or lay quietly to begin meditation.

2. If you are aware of a particular past incarnation that requires specific healing, focus on that Lifetime and form the HSZSN symbol in your mind’s eye and begin sending its energy into that incarnation. If you are not aware of any incarnations, state your INTENTION of healing your past Life afflictions and any promises that you made in those Lifetimes to anyone (or to yourself) that need to be released.

3. Then focus intently on the HSZSN symbol, sending its energy across time and space to heal the incarnation in question. It’s all about intention, and when we intend to heal from Soul issues, the Universe conspires to work with us.

4. When your work is completed, ensure you’re protected by wrapping your entire Being in the warm, golden light of the Creator and of the Reiki Angels, Avatars, and Archangels.

5. Calling on Archangel Raphael (the Archangel of healing) and Archangel Michael (the Archangel of Protection) is also effective in assisting with your healing and protection.

This exercise can work well with some of your clients as well especially if they’re open to healing. If you’re certified in hypnotherapy, you can assist your client in accessing specific past incarnations via past-Life regressions.

Hypnotherapy is not required at all. You can help your clients heal past incarnations by discussing and teaching them about ‘intention’. When we focus on ‘intention’ and engage our emotions, we can be on our way to healing ourselves, as well as assisting others in healing energetic misalignments and negative energies.

Good work, Reiki Friends!

Thank you Reiki Angels, Reiki Avatars, and Reiki healers …

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Kathi Rancourt
Kathi Rancourt

Kathi Rancourt is a Registered Nurse, who is also certified in Usui Rhoyo Reiki as a Master Teacher and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is also a professional Licensed Massage Therapist. Kathi is an Intuitive, who has studied Astrology, Tarot and various other forms of divination since 1990. Reiki found Kathi in 1992 and she was Attuned in Levels I and II in 1997 with Sensei Vicky Walsh of the Reiki Center Augusta, Maine. She attained her Reiki Master Level III certification in 2001, also from Sensei Vicky Walsh. Kathi grew up in New England where, as a young child, she discovered she had the gift of clairsentience, as well as other extrasensory abilities. Kathi currently resides in Boynton Beach, Florida for the last 13 years with her Life partner and Toy Poodle. Her book “Family Sin: How Reiki Healed my Life” is due to be published soon. You can reach Kathi via her Facebook page: or her website: Kathi also maintains a few blogs, the most current being:

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