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Past Life Regression on Self via Karuna® Reiki

Article by Sudha Wadhwani

After my first article on PLR, I was asked one question “Can I do it for myself?” and the answer is: Yes, however the process slightly differs!

Before you start, I would strongly suggest you have a purpose. My purpose was to trace one of my current physical ailments in to my past lives, the lessons they (past lives and ailment) carry and how I could heal them. The result was: the feelings and sensations related to the ailment heightened (like a release). Hence, I would strongly recommend getting your Higher Self’s permission and having a strong sense of purpose.

Self PLR via Reiki

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To conduct a Self-PLR:

  1. Sit in a meditative posture (with no crosses)
  2. Call upon Reiki, and activate all the symbols into your palms.
  3. Connect to your Higher Self (CHK – SHK – CHK) and ask for permission.
  4. Set the Intention: “The intention for this session is to conduct (a) PLR(s) for ___ issue” you can choose to do one life time at a time or several life times in a sitting – again depending on what you are ready for and what you have permission for.
  5. Insert symbols CHK – HSZN – Zonar – HSZN – CHK into your 3rd Eye Chakra.
  6. Be open to receiving intuitively.  (At this time you can also ask what lesson this lifetime/ incident has to offer.)
    Additional (Optional) Steps:
  7. At every point (incident/ lifetime) you can choose to send certain symbols (chosen intuitively) to heal it, and as you do this you can envision it in a pink bubble and release it (given that you know about your lessons).
  8. If you haven’t already learned the lessons, meditate upon them to know more. But if you have, the release will increase healing.

When you are ready to close the session, express gratitude to your Higher Self and Reiki for permitting you to do this session. The past lives that you see will be the ones you are ready for, and it will also provide the relief that you are ready for. Then you close the session as you normally would.

I recommend keeping a diary of what you experience in these sessions to help you track your progress (be it of an ailment, an emotion or spiritual lesson).

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Sudha Wadhwani
Sudha Wadhwani

Sudha Wadhwani is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui, Karuna®, Karmic and AcuReiki. Her journey with Reiki began in 2012 and she started practicing it professionally in 2016. She has worked with several cases of cancer, vision, immunity and physical pain. You can connect with her on www.facebook.com/swhealingnmore/ and on swhealingandmore@gmail.com.

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  • Amit December 27, 2017, 10:33 am

    Hello, can we do PLR for self if we are not attuned to Karuna Reiki ?

    • Sudha Wadhwani December 30, 2017, 7:48 pm

      Hi, you can do it with HSZN but the experience is enhanced if you are attuned to Karuna Reiki

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