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Does the Practitioner’s Mental State Affect the Outcome of the Reiki Treatment?

Article by Vali Máté

Reiki and deep sleep

I have always been told that as the Reiki is an intelligent energy and as we are just channeling, the giver’s state doesn’t effect the outcome…

Not so long ago, I started my meditation practice again. The news methods are more effective and much deeper than the previous one. I also use binaural beats or subliminal messages in my guided meditations if I feel it is appropriate or feel I need to at the time.

As a result I am more relaxed and almost remain in a kind of alpha like state all day long. I also walk my doggy – or she walks me regularly in nature in a wonderful riverside where there is a special spot that I just call „paradise” and a wise tree which I usually visit if I feel the need of some advice. 🙂

On an occasion I treated an elderly man while in this kind of ’higher’ state not so long ago. He complained about his stiff neck especially after waking up in mornings.

During the Reiki treatment I sensed in my palms quite intensively that his body just draw and draw the energy trough me. I felt that he was really in need of energy. After the treatment I wanted to gently wake him up, whispering into his ears „we are ready” and by touching his hand. But he just didn’t wake up. His eyes remained closed and I saw he didn’t respond to my any effort. So I left him resting and sleeping on my reiki couch…

Image by renjithks

It was in a free Reiki workshop offered to the public in the evening. There were more clients waiting for getting Reiki one after the other from different practitioners. So even my couch was occupied, I had to see my next client. As the workshop was held in a big room of a community building, there were more comfortable chairs stood in for treatments. So I treated a lady sitting in a soft chair. I could see the elderly man from a distance still laying and didn’t move. A thought ran through my head and I started to worry „what if he’s got sick, the boost of energy was too strong and his vessels just couldn’t stand it…what if I just killed him… ?”

Hoping the best I just channeled Reiki to the lady and when I finished went to check the gentleman straightaway. Whatever I did he just didn’t move, didn’t respond, but thank’s to God was breathing. I never experienced similar results after giving Reiki ever before. I couldn’t do anything more and had to see the next patient also in a chair.

I was sitting with my back to my couch with the gentleman on it so I could concentrate on the treatment of the next lady. When we finished and I looked back, the gentleman was sitting on the couch drinking water…what a relief… He was sleeping nearly two hours deeply – in delta state – when finally woke up on his own. He was smiling and seemed to be very relaxed and fresh.

I told the story to one of the organizers and as he was free and so was my couch at the end of the workshop, I offered a Reiki treatment for him too. It was just a short treatment, a trial, rather than a long whole session. And guess what? He also felt asleep deeply for about 15 minutes.

I have always been told that as the Reiki is an intelligent energy and as we are just channeling, the giver’s state doesn’t effect the outcome…

Vali Máté is a Reiki and Alternative Therapy Practitioner was born in Hungary. She has changed her teacher and journalist carrier in order to share her experience and knowledge as a result of recovery from a serious illness. She has recovered following natural methods only. Since then Vali covered walking a 800 km pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago, Spain), lived in North-Africa followed by London and now living in Scotland. Setting up her therapy business and Self-development project in East Ayrshire. Her four-legged friend, Cherry joins her work as a Therapet. Vali is preparing for her book with lots of messages from an adventurous and experience-rich life. She considers her serious disease to be one of the biggest gifts and wake-up call of her life. Find Vali on the web here:

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  • Nadine July 16, 2013, 6:34 pm

    Practitioner state always affect the outcome and because of it recommended to do reiki first to yourself and after that to client and do not do reiki to others if you are ill, angry, etc.
    It is because reiki is not the energy channeled outside reiki is the energy producing by practitioner body . For this production body uses the outside energies such as energy of sun, earth, etc. and if the practitioner is not n good health or good mood energy will go to heal practitioner body first.

    • Denis Juriev July 17, 2013, 12:20 pm

      I can argue with You. If reiki doesn’t exist initially outside us I am not able to explain the practice of Reiki talismans, which are not “charged” for a long time since the moment of their creation. They are acting being undisturbed for months transmitting reiki with the initial intent.

      I have an another explanation for the described effects based on the difference in our psychosomatic unconscious intentions which we are sending to the recepient (see a reply below).

  • Denis Juriev July 17, 2013, 12:02 pm

    Certainly, the facts may be interpreted in this way but I can propose another explanation: our body has its own unconscious intention, which is sent to the recepient. Otherwords, Reiki energy is always the same but the intentions? which govern it, are different when we are in different states ourselves.

  • Neelam July 22, 2013, 11:32 am

    REIKI is a cosmic energy and we are observing it from the cosmos and trasmitting it to the other person or situation. We are able to transmit that energy because we are channelised to do so, and yes first the energy heals us (the self) then it goes to the other person and heals the person according to the need and highest good of both involved so I believe that even if u r not in good mental state and a healing comes to u, u just clean ur aura protect/charge urself with the symbols and start healing..in turn not only the person but u also will be healed..its my experience

  • Raven September 18, 2014, 11:24 pm

    There is a lot of misunderstanding about Reiki and how it is transmitted.
    A practitioner is a conduit. He DOES NOT produce the energy from his own system. This is one of the first principals we learn.

    The state of mind of the practitioner? Well, would you accept healing from an angry person? Or an agitated person? I would not.
    It would be the person I would not work with not the energy they could give….

    Reiki is channelled from outside a practitioner. This is why it energises us not depletes or tires us.

    Neelam has got exactly the right idea.

    There are many books published in many languages about Reik if you want more information.

  • Babs September 18, 2014, 11:49 pm

    I think in that situation, the man who spelt for 2 hours, just felt relaxed and safe after just receiving Reiki. Some people rarely get to feel that comfortable.

  • cosmin November 19, 2014, 9:16 am

    The first thing we learn is that Reiki is channeled from outside, and thus the giver also feels energized after performing the treatment on someone.

    The exact phenomenon is poorly understood, but I propose an analogy:
    => Electricity flowing through conductive materials depends on the temperature (the state) of the material. For metals for example conductivity decreases with temperature, and at very low temperatures we can obtain superconductors. Temperature is just one of the characteristics of the state of the material, but others can also have an impact (e.g. humidity)

    In the same way, the human body Reiki “conductivity” could be influenced by body state characteristics, such as the state of relaxation or vibration (higher or lower when we are angry!).

    I’m just trying to find some analogies or similarities though, which appear in our world all the time, to point out that yes, it is possible for Reiki to be influenced by the state of the donor!

    Yet another hypothesis could be that we are less sensitive the Reiki Energy flowing through our hands when we are in a poor state, and the donor is thus less aware of the actual effects of the energy transfer.

  • John January 1, 2015, 9:20 pm

    If emotions affect giving Reiki, then why were the others being given Reiki not affected during their session? She claims to have been worrying about the gentleman still sleeping. The emotional state would not have been calm or grounded and I would think that others would have felt it if Reiki did not just flow through you.

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