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Researches on Reiki and Mental Health

Reiki is now offered in healthcare sector, private clinics and chosen as an add-on with other forms of treatment. There are many people who have benefited from it, specifically on mental health issues. It can help in reduction of anxiety, depression and stress. It can also relieve chronic pain and the other causes of depression and anxiety.

Studies based on curing mental effects of Reiki

Reiki is effective for various diseases linked with mind of patient. There are many methods designed for analysis of scientific studies with the use of Reiki. Center of Reiki Research examined a group of examinations ‘Touchstone Process’ as a method for making deeper analysis through scientific studies. The processes involved in it had best practices designed for scientific review. There were different investigations carried out and results were analyzed to reveal strength and weaknesses.


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The process involves the investigation and study pattern. Touchstone process produced about 35 analyses to draw conclusions about effectiveness of Reiki. Reiki has undoubted impacts on mental health of a person. Most of the investigations were conducted on human beings, but some aspects were involved around animals and plants, which gave an assurance that it works on almost every living being. Some studies revealed that distance Reiki also works.

Effects of Reiki on Depression, Stress, Pain and Anxiety

Stress is the main problem among most of the people and many of the Reiki visits of clients are based on this problem. Animal studies revealed that there was a dropping of stress levels in them with Reiki effect and this was observed by positive variations in biological measurements of body.

There was a study made by nurses with burn out syndrome, which indicated that Reiki treatment had significant relaxation impacts on the body. There were other efforts made for treating people from depression and stressful conditions. The people who received healing got permanent improvement in their mental state and got reduced levels of stress and depression. Energy healing was even given with the post-treatment of heart surgeries and other chronic diseases, which gave a justification that this therapy can work well for people having all levels of issues.

Pain is often a major cause of anxiety and depression. Chronic pains can have worst impacts on well-being of a person. Reiki is undoubtedly effective for pain relief and ability of a person to face pain. Positive impacts could be noted in relieving anxiety and depression of a person. It has even shown best impacts to relieve the adverse impacts of chemotherapy on cancer patients. It can reduce fear, anxiety, depression, and give a better result of any treatment. There were notable experiences of patients seen in reduction of any sort of unevenness in mental state with regular Reiki sessions.

The practice of Reiki is becoming more and more popular in hospitals and clinics. It is in fact a cost-effective and easy process of improve health conditions. Reiki masters are employed in hospitals to speed up recovery of patients and bring effective results to aid patients having mental issues.

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