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Throat Chakra Blockage

Article by Angie Webster

The throat chakra is an important gateway to our expression and our receiving in the world. It allows for us to receive communication from the outside world and take that into ourselves in a way that can be understood. It also allows us to process information from all of the things that we take in from all the other centers of our being, all the other chakras, and express those out into the world in a healthy manner. It makes it possible for us to be understood and also for things to be released in a useful way.

You can think of the throat chakra as a connector between the head and the heart. It literally sits in between the head and the heart at the base of the throat. The heart and brain are in constant communication with each other. Everything the heart and the head communicate back and forth to each other must pass through the throat chakra. You feel your throat constricting when you are emotional, feel a lump when you repress your tears, and this is where your voices resonates from to express your thoughts or emotions.

Often you will begin to see difficulties develop in the head, shoulders, neck, throat and upper chest when there is a blockage or imbalance in the throat chakra. These can relate to anything in the ears, the jaw, the neck, the throat, the thyroid, the mouth and the teeth, and some issues in the neurological system (especially in the form of headaches). Coughs, hoarseness or tickles in the throat are common physical symptoms of throat chakra issues. Autoimmune conditions can also be triggered by a blockage or imbalance here. Sometimes you can see or sense the tension from the blockage in the shoulders and this may even be seen in the arms and hands as well.

The throat chakra plays an important role in releasing energy from the lower chakras. A balanced throat chakra channels energy from the sacral in the form of creative expression, giving an important release valve to this center which would otherwise become blocked and stagnant. It offers a release for the energy of the solar plexus chakra, which needs many ways to release the active energy that accumulates there. Certain forms of vocalization, especially voicing your feelings, can help bring balance to the solar plexus and the throat chakra at the same time. An out of balance throat chakra may cause problems with many of the lower chakras, including when it causes over or undereating, which clearly effects the stomach/solar plexus and has a direct connection with our survival ability (root chakra). In particular, it will manifest as suppressed emotions, lack of will-power and drive, anxiety, feeling as if you can’t be and express who you are, perhaps using manipulation, gossiping, sarcasm or dishonesty to self-protect.

Throat Chakra Blockage

Image by Alfredo.Ruiz

I have personally found it very interesting to notice the connection between the throat chakra and the other chakras. It is such a vital connecting point, yet it is so often blocked or out of balance. Since it is so critical as a release valve for the other chakras and as a connection point between the heart and the upper chakras, the blockage or imbalance of the throat chakra very quickly leads to more physical and emotional problems because it blocks the functioning of the other chakras. In particular, the heart and the brain are very vital electrical centers, so if the connection between them is not functioning properly, then the signals can’t be received, sent or expressed. Malfunction is bound to happen in a multitude of ways and we are bound to feel poorly.

We can direct energy to the throat area, of course. In particular, try sending energy directly into the area right beneath the hollow of the throat, where the rib cage begins. You can also direct energy (very lightly, do not press!) over the carotid arteries. The back of the neck, the top of the head and the center of the chest are all important for freeing the energy that may be blocked in this area, as well. Work with each of them until you feel the energy begin to move more freely. I have been drawn to treat the bottoms of the feet, especially at the toe joints, for this. For small or focused areas, you can use the ends of the first two fingers to direct energy.

We can also play music that is designed specifically for healing. Though all music can be useful for the throat chakra, certain music will be more useful during an energy healing session, such as crystal bowl music, Tibetan singing bowls, woodwinds, soft drumming, hang drum or other sound healing music. Chant music is very beneficial to listen to or to chant along with, but may not be appropriate for most clients during a healing session as many don’t find it relaxing while receiving treatment. If you are working with your own throat chakra, singing or chanting are very effective, as are practicing speaking and listening truthfully and effectively. Journaling can help a great deal, and for those who have tremendous difficulty speaking their truth or finding where to begin to heal, this is a wonderful place to start.

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Angie Webster
Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Author. Angie’s primary focus is animal Reiki, which she adores. She teaches online classes on energy healing, flower essences, herbalism, and personal growth. Angie often works with nature healing and Earth healing, hoping to better understand our connection with Mother Earth. Angie is the author of Animal Reiki: How it Heals, Teaches & Reconnects Us with Nature and Reiki from A to Z. You can follow her at: angie-webster-healing.teachable.com and on Facebook (facebook.com/angiewebsterhealing).

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  • shwetha July 9, 2015, 2:37 am

    Amazing article. Loved it!! Thank you. Could you write more about the connections between the chakras? Love and light!!

    • Angie Webster July 27, 2015, 4:28 am

      I may be writing more about this in the future. I have written a couple articles about this so far and Deborah Lloyd has written a series on the connection between certain chakras, as well. If you look under her author profile, you should be able to find those.

  • Vanessa July 16, 2015, 8:28 pm

    Thank you so much for writing about the throat chakra. I’ve felt lately that I have a thriat chakra blockage but wasn’t sure. Your articles have confirmed it

  • Angela July 22, 2015, 6:35 pm

    That’s a great article Angie thank you. I’m level 1& was doing some chakra clearing on a friend Didn’t feel much on the bottom chakras but got a lot of heat from the 3rd eye & the crown chakra were very hot. Would this be because they needed a lot of clearing or that they are working really well? Thanks. Love & Light

    • Angie Webster July 27, 2015, 4:25 am

      Angela, it is difficult to say. My interpretation would be that if you were feeling little movement in the lower chakras of any kind, then they may be blocked and not functioning properly. If you are also picking up intense heat in the upper chakras, they may be compensating for this. It could mean a variety of things, though. All of the chakras are interconnected, so when one is out of balance in some way, others try to make up for it in order to keep the system functioning overall.

  • sharon November 22, 2015, 12:18 am

    Divine timing and just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  • Carol November 24, 2015, 6:12 pm

    This is awesome Angie!! I love how you describe everything and really focus on the fact that the throat chakra is the release for many of the chakras! Thank you for clarifying all of this for me. 🙂

  • Herb H Norden February 1, 2016, 2:58 am

    Thanks very good article! I am a reiki master and seem stuck not advancing anymore, any simple easy to do meditations you can recommend. Sometimes i feel so much energy i shake and lots of times nothing at all!

    • Serenity Energy Healing February 1, 2016, 7:25 pm

      Truly, my advice is simply to be gentle with yourself and let go of specific expectations. What you are describing sounds perfectly normal, so just keep doing Reiki, explore,relax and enjoy the journey!

  • Nishrin May 22, 2016, 5:48 am

    Hi Angie, thanks for a detailed article. I am Reiki 2 practicner and i do self Healing everyday. Of late, i have noticed that i get some pain n stress behind my neck and at the base of shoulders where they meets the neck. Is it due to blocked throat chakra? Please advice me.

  • ding May 13, 2017, 2:50 pm

    Love the chakra based articles. Thank you 🙂

  • Hazel Wallis December 27, 2017, 8:34 pm

    Very good article. Thanks 💖

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