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How Can Reiki Help in Healing Depression

Our health depends a lot on our attitude and thoughts. Positive thoughts and affirmations make us feel healthy and we are able to focus on various aspects of life in a relaxed manner. Negative thoughts on the other hand make us feel miserable.

Some go as far as saying that depression is the cause of any ailment be it physical or mental. Many times people are not able to recover from illness just because of the negative thoughts.

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There are a lot of medicines available for treatment of depression but this only makes a person more and more dependent on pills. Reiki on the other hand balances the energy levels within a person. It removes negativity from the mind and helps a person develop faith in themselves. Imbalances in the energy levels appear when there are blockages in the chakras or energy centers of a human body.

Depression is not restricted only to those who suffer from physical and mental illness. It can affect anyone. A sense of isolation can make anyone feel alienated. Poor score in school, criticism at work, tension in relationship etc. can lead to depression. The sad thing is that when in depression it is not easy to cut thoughts and come out of it as if nothing happened.

Reiki can give relief (sometimes instantly) in such a situation. The healing energy can remove the negativity within you.

While undergoing Reiki treatment for depression, different people have different experiences. Some feel light and happy, some start crying and some simply go off to sleep. Regardless though, all are feeling better in the end, if they accept the energy.

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