Full Moon and Depression Healing with Reiki


Article by Dhwani Parikh

Feeling down from time to time is the normal part of life as every day is not the same and some ups and downs are always there. But if you are stuck in this hopelessness for long is not good for the mental health. It could be many types such as feeling sad, guilty, empty, worthless, angry, irritable or helpless. There are other symptoms such as loss of appetite, overeating, lack of concentration, excessive sleeping even suicide attempt. No matter how you face it, this is the most difficult part of the life.

Moon is astrologically connected to mood. Mood is affected by the moon’s moving into the different signs moving. Those may be affected positively or negatively. Depression could be temporary if treated at the right time. Because if not treated then it becomes permanent as part of life. Today, we are going to learn about the full moon and how to treat depression. The full moon is the time when the energy of the moon is available at maximum. But when the moon is decreasing this energy is decreased with time and while it increasing, it increases with time. Also, this energy means the effect of the moon on the earth and also on every individual. The people born with good moon placement in the birth chart, don’t have many problems related to mood. But as we know moon has different phases and millions of people born during less the moon energy and they actually suffer a lot of things including depression during their life.

Full Moon and Depression Healing
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So, today by using the maximum energy of the moon, we are going to treat the depression. Depression is caused by over-thinking of the problems which may not be so serious or many other serious issues too. Before we start the healing with Reiki, think about the depression or bad feelings you have and try to think the reasons for that. Note them down. Now, find some deep relaxation music and play it in the background. Drink enough water before you start the meditation.

  • Sit and relax at the silent place and take deep breaths.
  • Now, start the Reiki flow and do all the symbols and activate the Reiki energy.
  • Put that paper in the Moon energy and do the symbols around the corners of the paper at 4 corners especially the emotional symbol for healing.
  • Ask the angels for the guidance for healing this situation.
  • Tell yourself whatever happened with me was a karma I needed to pay off in this life and there is no more suffering required for this so it is not necessary to remember it and regret it, but forgive all other people who were responsible for that situation and also yourself.
  • This forgiveness is highly required and needed for yourself.
  • Also, think about the people who actually are the part of this sadness matter to you today, it could be past break up or a bad relationship or any abuse or failure.
  • You can do many better things in life and leave those in the past.
  • See in your Third Eye chakra that you are fine in any extreme situation.
  • Heal that situation with Reiki.
  • Give your Heart chakra Reiki for at least 15 minutes.
  • Say thank you to angels for guiding you.
  • And decide from today that nothing can disturb your mental peace.
  • Now, complete your Reiki meditation and say thanks to moon energy.
  • Drink water if you feel heavy and eat something.

NOTE: Please be aware that depression is a real illness. This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guide for making medical decisions. 

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Dhwani Parikh

Dhwani Parikh

Dhwani Parikh is a Freelance writer, Reiki Usui master, Mind Power specialist, Music healer, Astrologist and Tarot Card Reader. She has been emotionally attached with Reiki from many years. She has got a very high intuitive power and very good sense of vibrations. She has lost 14 kgs of weight with help of Reiki and visualization. Reiki is the biggest part of her success in marketing and sales career. She has found her twin flame relationship by medium of Reiki. Reiki saved her from many negative events and vibrations. Reiki has brought new perspectives of her life and wants to spread this miracle of Reiki around the World. Dhwani lives in Toronto, Canada. Reach Dhwani on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/raceisnotover or email on reikimasterdhwani@gmail.com.

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