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Treatment of Depression with Reiki

The energy levels of thoughts and human body are different in frequency. There are actions produced by vibrations and hence, reactions are produced at different levels of frequency. Positive thoughts are meant for manifestation of health and on the other hand, negative thoughts bring unrest and sickness in human beings. Mental diseases can lead to depression in a person, which can be the further resultant of mental diseases arising in human beings.

Modern medication has linked up with Reiki to get a solution to mind related, depression problems. Reiki treats depression as a negative energy, which mainly occurs due to imbalance in Chakras (energy centers) of the body. These are the grey spots in aura of a person, which causes reactions at different physical levels and preside over the health of a human being.

Correlation of Depression and Chakras

Chakras (Energy centers) of a person get blocked with depression. The major stress is on root chakra, naval chakra and solar plexus chakra.

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Root Chakra represents physical power of a person and has association with body parts, such as spine, teeth, anus, colon, rectum, cell building parts and blood. Root Chakras influence the suprarenal glands, which are responsible for production of emergency hormone (adrenalin). Root Chakra imbalances can cause physical problems to a person and makes them low from body and mind. The creative energy of such a person becomes low and they lose their self-control and get indulged into sensual pleasures. They become selfish, overweight, constipated, irritable, upset, violent and aggressive; even for minor things. In a few cases, this chakra is fully blocked and will induce feelings of uncertainty in a person.

Naval Chakra is reproductive center of a human being. It is associated with all liquids in the body (lymph, blood, gastric juices, and regulators of menstrual cycle in females), kidneys, bladder and pelvic region. Prostate gland, ovaries, testicles and gonads are associated with this chakra. The activeness in this chakra will make a person free and ease the self-expression in them. It will also make interpersonal experiences good and create high esteem of human being. Any disharmony in this chakra will turn off sensual feelings and make a person low and create lowness in sexual charm in individuals. This can induce suicidal thoughts in nature.

Solar Plexus Chakra is the power center of human beings. It is associated with nervous system, digestion, lower back region, abdomen, liver, spleen and stomach areas. Solar Energy is absorbed by the body through this chakra. It energizes and maintains the body parts and governs emotional being of a person. Various personality traits are identified by this chakra. Solar Plexus Chakra is located between high and low chakras of body and purifies the basic instincts to direct the creative energy with higher living values. It helps in integration of wishes, feelings and experiences. A person having blockage in this chakra would feel unbalanced body and mind. They will get negative, restless and gloomy in nature. They might feel dejected and discouraged, and will forget their true goals in life.

The symptoms of a person having acute stage of depression can affect them physically, mentally or emotionally. The blockage in any of the above mentioned chakras will have negative impact on mind, body and psychology of a person. The energy levels of a person will become lower and they will avoid the situations requiring expression to their feelings. They will become unsound physically and emotionally. There will be decrement in physical stamina and even the moody nature will become a big hassle for a person. The interest in life will become less and the person will refuse for socialization. In extreme cases, the person might think about ending his/her life.

Combination of Reiki with other Therapies

Reiki practitioners combine crystals or chakra therapies for balancing their energy points. There are different crystal therapies introduced and each chakra has its own colors of crystals for focus. Moreover, if the depression rate of a human being is higher, Reiki can be combined with conventional medication to get drastic improvement in personality disorders. The person coming out from depression stage can’t get recurrence of disease, if there is proper treatment done on their body and mind. Reiki treats a person holistically and improves the body and mind to permanent cure levels. Many healthcare centers all over the world are practicing Reiki as a parallel treatment system. Reiki treatment is becoming popular due to its positive impacts on the body. When a person experiences Reiki personally, they get a better idea about the impacts of this therapy on human beings. The personal experiences of many people have revealed that depression can be treated in the best way with Reiki and it can heal a person from inside by following spiritual or holistic form of treatment.

Note: Reiki is considered a complementary treatment. Always consult your doctor and Reiki Master.

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