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My Reiki Box – The App

How to get the app?

My Reiki Box on App Store

What is a Reiki Box?

A Reiki box is a place that holds all the persons or situations that you want to send healing energy to, and send Reiki to all of them simultaneously. Read more about the Reiki Box technique here.

How to use My Reiki Box – the app?

To view your healing requests…

To view your healing requests, simply click the My Requests button.

My Reiki Box

Our Reiki App, “My Reiki Box”

To add a healing request to your box…

To add a healing request, simply tap the “+” sign at the top right of the screen. Add a title, a description (optional), and click Done.

If you’d like the request to be automatically deleted after a while, you can set a date, and it will be done. This is optional, if there’s no date set, the request will stay in your Reiki box forever.

To edit or delete a healing request…

To edit a request, tap it in the list, then tap Edit. To delete it, tap it in the list, then tap Delete.


What’s new in the app?

July 2015:

You can now set a date for a request to be automatically deleted on.

You will also receive Reiki news from us, which will help you stay up to date with our most popular articles and news.

Install the app:

My Reiki Box on App Store