Hypno-Reiki: Blend of Hypnosis & Reiki


Hypno-Reiki is a healing modality that beautifully combines two very powerful healing therapies, “Reiki” and “hypnosis”. Each treatment method has been found to be extremely effective in producing healing on all levels of one’s being. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. So, when both methods are used in collaboration, the healing potential that can be achieved with Hypno-Reiki treatment is far greater than that of a hypnosis or Reiki treatment alone.

  • Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy: In this mode of therapy, focused concentration helps to create an altered state of consciousness or state of relaxation where the patient is unaware of the surrounding. This therapy is commonly used to treat physical and psychological conditions since it effectively relieves pain, anxiety and discomfort, producing feeling of profound relaxation.
  • Reiki Therapy: It is “hand-on” healing technique originated in Japan which uses the universal life force energy that flows through the practitioner’s body through his hands to the patients. This spiritually guided life force energy enhances the body’s natural healing ability during the flow and focus of energy through the natural energy centers. This therapy brings about healing by correcting energy blockades and imbalances in the body.
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Hypno-Reiki Session:

To practice healing modality of Hypno-Reiki, the Reiki practitioner must have a second degree or advanced degree in Reiki. The number of sessions and duration of each session, required to treat a particular condition may vary depending on the patient and the issue.

The practitioner applies both the therapies at the same time during a session. First hypnosis is conducted because in hypnotic state patient is able to receive positive insinuations and imaginations which serve as an initial step towards positive changes. This stage is perfect to implement other therapeutic treatments like Reiki in this case.

Parallel to hypnosis induction, practitioner may also start initial Reiki body scan, energy clearing and hypnosis induction may be completed during scanning or may run along into the next phase. In this phase of Reiki, the practitioner sends Reiki energy to each chakra from head to feet in order to clear the blockage and expand the energy centers.

During the course of Hypno Reiki session, a practitioner simultaneously works on both healing modalities:

  • Focusing on Reiki energy flow through the patient’s body to communicate to patient’s higher self.
  • Involved in verbal communication with the patient which is a characteristic element of standard hypnosis therapy.

Benefits of Hypno-Reiki:

Reiki by cleansing the blocked chakras and allowing universal life force energy to flow through the person’s body produces greater comfort and relaxation which helps hypnosis healing to work more smoothly. When such session is administered to a person already in hypnotic state, it aligns the body’s energy system with the thoughts of health and well being.

Hypno-Reiki not only helps to relieve stress, pain and agitation but also helps the person to have a sound sleep. It enhances physical healing and promotes the sense of mental clarity and calmness. Hypno-Reiki helps the person to let go of old emotions such as anger, anxiety, etc and allows the person to perceive a positive approach towards life.



  1. As both a Reiki Master and Hypnotist, I would disagree with this article. When in hypnosis a client is aware of his/her surroundings and can emerge from hypnosis whenever they want. I personally don’t see any reason to combine the two techniques.

  2. As a Reiki Master,hypnotist and Quantum Touch practitioner,I combine all three.I use QT first to alin the body to maximize energy flow.I then use Reiki to clear chakras before I induce/hypnotize the client.The QT and Reiki have sufficiently relaxed the client and closed the conscious mind so that induction is very easy.After the hypnosis,I give more Reiki and close the session.I find that it saves a lot of time in establishing rapport by using this mix of methods in relaxing a new client.The client doesn’t have to be relaxed for hypnosis.But the rapport has to be established before they consent
    to the hypnosis and follow instructions willingly

  3. I am a reiki master and hypnotherapist. I started experimenting with using both modalities simultaneously and my clients LOVE it. As the article points out, both modalities are powerful healers alone, however, combined produce powerful healing energy shifts in one session. Reiki energy is just AWESOME and then combined with positive subconscious changes is just amazing.

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