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Chakra Test: Is Your Crown Chakra Balanced?

The crown chakra governs our connection to the higher consciousness, or the Divine Source, or God. It is in charge of our spiritual path, and the source of wisdom. Also plays a role in knowledge of truth.

How can you tell if you have a balanced crown chakra? Just take note of how you feel and act in certain situations.

The balanced state

A balanced crown chakra means that you’re open to the divine energy, and you feel connected to it, but at the same time you’re aware of yourself, and of your own body. You’re not judgmental of yourself, nor of others – you’re wise and see things as they are, feeling compassion and joy rather than frustration and wanting to blame.

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Overactive crown chakra

It is actually possible to have an overactive crown chakra. If that’s the case, you’ll be addicted to spirituality, even to the point of ignoring your body’s needs. You’ll need to feel popular, to have your status recognized, and crave attention. Also you may have an over-erotic imagination and a lot of thoughts revolving around this.

Weak crown chakra

Misunderstood, unaware of and denying spiritual connection; those are signs of a weak crown chakra. Also, unable to have fun, or to understand fun, having low self esteem, and often feeling shame.

To find out how to bring balance back, see this article.

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