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Balance the Heart Chakra Using Crystals and Reiki

This is a simple technique that you can use to balance your heart chakra with Reiki and crystals.

Step 1.  Use a green or pink crystal, such as green aventurine, emerald, or rose quartz.

Step 2Start the flow of energy, and direct it at the crystal, intending that it be charged with healing light.

Step 3. If needed, use Cho Ku Rei to increase the flow.

Image by Edmund Garman

Step 4. When you sense that it’s charged, place the crystal on your heart chakra, intending that the crystal heals and balances the chakra, and start sending Reiki to the area.

Step 5. Use the emotional healing symbol freely, or any symbol you intuitively feel would help.

Step 6. Keep sending Reiki until you feel your chakra is healed and balanced.

Tip: Make sure to cleanse the crystals before and after the healing session, and to ground yourself and drink plenty of water at the end.

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