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If Reiki Doesn’t Seem to Work for You, Ask Yourself This Question!

Sometimes, without realizing, we cling onto something that we perceive as something bad.

This could be anything, but it often manifests in the form of grief from a past relationship or losing someone dear, anger about an event we perceive as unfair, sometimes even a medical condition, or financial scarcity.

We start to send Reiki to the situation, and keep on sending, perhaps every day. Weeks pass. Then months pass, maybe even years, with little or no perceived improvement.

If you’re in a situation where you’ve been sending Reiki for quite a while, but seen no results, this little question can help you find out if you have some internal conflict going on.

Step 1. Imagine the ideal situation for you, when everything works out the way you desire.

Image by Evil Erin

Step 2. Summon up all your honesty and answer this question:

If you could experience this ideal right now, would you choose to have it?

Step 3. Pay attention to how you feel and any hesitancy you may have.

Anything less than a resounding Yes is a sign of internal conflict that needs to be worked out, before noticing results in the physical reality.

Probably not too often, but definitely more often than we’d like to think, we are actually holding on to the bad thing subconsciously. Deep down we’re afraid of what could happen if the situation suddenly improved. We feel that if we don’t grief, it means that we don’t love. Or, as ridiculous as it sounds, we want the bad thing around so that we have something to put the blame on. We’re afraid of breaking new grounds, or we believe that it’s unfair to experience abundance, or vibrant health, while others, maybe close to us, are struggling. We feel guilty when accepting gifts or favors, and expect (or, rather, are afraid that we won’t receive) something in return when we give.

This can also work as a little test. It can help you gain clarity about what you really want.

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