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What is Aura?

An aura is electromagnetic field surrounding every living organism and object in the body. This energy field is a collection of electromagnetic waves of various levels of density. It permeates through physical body of a person and has capability for emission or exit from it. The energy particles are in the form of oval electromagnetic field and exist about one meter from all sides. It goes above the head and below feet to the ground surface.

Constituents of Aura

Aura consists of 7 layers or levels. Each of these auric bodies has different frequencies and exists around physical body in its own manner. They are actually related to each other and affect emotions, behavior, health, thinking, feelings and mind status. Any imbalance in one of the bodies leads to disparity in other forms.

Auric Bodies and Needs of Living Beings

S No Auric Body Association Description


Spiritual Auric Body (Intuitive) Serenity and Divinity Connection with   divine mind and understanding higher universal pattern


Higher Mental Auric Body Divine association Holistic ecstasy and love


Astral Auric Body Relationship with other people Interaction and love with friends and family


Vital Auric Body Balanced thinking Understanding situations in linear, clear and rational manner


Lower Mental Auric Body Divine will-power in   the body Alignment with divine will inside the body and committing to


Etheric Auric Body Sensation with   Self-Respect Self love, Self acceptance


Physical Auric Body Physical Sensations Health, Pleasure, Physical comforts

 Aura and its related colors

Aura can be said as a reflection of our true nature at a moment. There are efforts required to reflect your true nature and you can discover it by putting efforts for it. ‘True Nature’ is revealed after discarding all the superficial behavior, habits, manners and pretending attitudes. Most of the people are so attached to their existent habits that it becomes impossible for them to discover their true identity. Aura shows the True Nature and is an insight into the personality of a human being.

Spiritual people generally have clean, bright and colorful aura. The better appearance of aura reveals that a person has reached to an advanced level of spirituality. A person will be more balanced with uniform distribution of energy in Auric Structure. Energy distribution in Aura is a diagnostic tool and requires complex equipment. Aura is present around the whole body structure, but colors interpretation is around the circular structure present around head area. The meaning of colors will be revealed in the next article on ‘Aura Color Meanings’. When you learn to see Aura, there can be discussions made for it. People have 1-2 dominating colors in their Aura and these will be very likely their favorite colors. Aura reflects feelings, desires and thoughts of a person.

How to observe auras of people?

The right way is to look at brow chakra (located above nose and between eyes) and it is meant to build a strong state of mind. The main focus should be to achieve the concentration level for about 30-60 seconds and it will illuminate the shade and clarity of aura.

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