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Quick Test: Is Your Root Chakra Balanced?

How can you tell if you need to work on your root chakra? It’s very simple, just pay a bit of attention to how you feel and act.

The balanced state

If you feel centered and grounded, as if you belong in this world, your root chakra is most likely balanced. You trust yourself, and you trust others. You’re independent, you feel alive, and poised.

Overactive root chakra

When this chakra is overactive, you tend to be bossy and domineering to others, and have a big ego. You’re driven by feelings of greed and violence, and you act egotistic and cunning.

Weak root chakra

With a weak root chakra, you feel unloved and sexually inadequate. Your will and ambition are weak, and you can’t reach your goals. Frustration and fear are driving you, and you feel as if you don’t belong. You’re shy, unsure, and feel incapable.

To find out how to bring balance back, see this article.

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  • Surrya kant hisaria September 7, 2014, 11:07 am

    very informative….thanx

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