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Five Important Things about Chakras

Here’s five important things about chakras to be aware of.

1. Spiritual growth depends on personal efforts of a person. It requires a lot of efforts to develop spiritual healing in a person. There are hundreds of methods for self-cultivation, which can help in harmonization of energy and clearing off minds. There is purification and opening of chakras required and you will have to undertake all the efforts to get progress.

2. Opening up chakras doesn’t mean that your energy levels are cleared. It is actually an achievement to open chakras and it is a way to get enlightenment, but you can achieve clarity in chakras by attainment of purity in chakras. Spiritual path is all about knowing your inner soul and realizing what actually you are. The negativities have to be wiped out from body and mind, and your energy has to be channelized into a right track.

3. Chakras exist in body and it is impossible to open them without energy (chi) flow through them. You can practice meditation skills by beginning empty meditation, which restrains you from holding thoughts. If you are interrupting chi flows due to your intellectual thoughts or activities, you will not become healthy and enlightened. The proper flow of Chi will help you to clean any sort of hindrances or obstructions from the energy channels. This is in fact the meaning of opening of chakras.

The Seven Main Chakras

The Seven Main Chakras

4. Meditation will be a base to open and purify your chi channels. It may or may not cause any sort of reactions on your mind and body. These will not be permanent and you need not fear about them. Spiritual development has different stages. The first thing will involve opening of channels and then, the task of flow of chi energy begins. You have to ignite the process and carry it forward well to obtain the desired results. Your kundalini energy will arise with ignition of inherent energy of your body. There are many more stages to go after crossing the initial stage of this process. There are breathing exercises to do this practice and the whole process goes well with self-cultivation processes.

5. Head or heart chakras will open up only at very advanced stages of spiritual growth. Chi channels of the body gradually open gradually and don’t just explode out for opening. These channels will start opening at a certain level and then take time for gradual opening.

You can learn about deepening your spiritual realization and reach from armature to advanced stages to develop your body’s chakras. Chakra development is simple at beginning stages, but it grows gradually more difficult while moving towards advanced stages. The real progress of development moves with wisdom and human behavior. Additionally, meditation can progress the way of moving your efforts to a right direction.

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