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All about the Root Chakra. Healing the Root Chakra with Reiki

Every thing around us contains energy which can be absorbed by energy fields within us through centers of energy called chakras. These chakras are connected to all the vital organs and glands in the body. The word is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’.

There are seven main chakras, from top to bottom: the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the brow chakra, and the crown chakra.

The root chakra is located at the bottom of the spine. It is the primary chakra of our body which acts as an energy pathway to connect us to our physical bodies and the earth. The root chakra allows us to keep our balance and is associated with the color red which represents passion, strength and fire. It is also called the base chakra.

The Seven Main Chakras

The Seven Main Chakras

Functions of the Root Chakra

Physical health

Physically, it is responsible for the proper functioning of the legs, feet, bladder, kidney and of course, spine. The position of each chakra is in correspondence to our endocrine glands that are responsible for the release of hormones in our body, keeping them in balance and controlling major nerve functions. It keeps us nourished and healthy.

An imbalanced root chakra can cause several problems such as fatigue, hemorrhoids, arthritis, constipation, lower back pain, weight issues and diarrhea. It can also cause sleep disorders and feeling cold due to poor circulation.

Increased confidence

When the root chakra is balanced, you feel more secure and gain more confidence. You will perform all tasks in life with increased confidence and enthusiasm.

When it is imbalanced you will feel tired, overly cautious and afraid of change. You will feel insecure and you will trust yourself and others less. You will not respect yourself and others and you will be frequently clumsy and lethargic.

Dealing with conflicts and problems

When balanced, the root chakra will give you the ability to deal with problems and handle conflicts with a calm and constructive mind. You will manage these conflicts smoothly and troublesome matters will be incapable of scaring you.

When the chakra is blocked you feel overly cautious. Also it will cause insecurity and violent behavior, aggressiveness. You’ll be angry at everything and and prone to do reckless things.

Feeling grounded

This chakra is related to the basic needs in life such as food, shelter, warmth and comfort. If balanced, it will keep you on track to get these needs met.

However, if the balance is lost, any task seems difficult. Money problems arise, you lose confidence, resort to violence, become selfish and cannot find happiness. You get “stiff”, uptight. You turn greedy and materialistic. You become more sexually manipulative, impulsive and also domineering.

Ways to Heal the Root Chakra

If you feel that your root chakra is blocked, or overwhelmed with negative energy, the following ways can help you clear the root chakra.

Think red

The root chakra is related to the color red so envisioning  a red flame glowing brightly at the base of your spine can help clear the root chakra. You can start with a meditation visualizing the red flame at the base of your tailbone and picture the light extending down to your legs and feet and grounding you to the earth.

The Root Chakra Symbol

The Root Chakra Symbol

Sing  and dance

Dancing and singing with the door closed and without a care in the world can help you express your freedom and hence clear your root chakra. Singing also helps clear the throat chakra.

Take a bath or shower

Express your love for yourself fully by cleansing and purifying your body with a nice hot bath. This is an excellent way to clear your root chakra.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk with your mind into each and every step you make while grounding with the earth will also help clear the root chakra.

Hug a tree

And of course, you can hug a tree to get grounded :).

Reiki and the Root Chakra

Reiki is an excellent healing technique for the chakras that are imbalanced, dysfunctional or even blocked due to problems of the body, mind and spirit. Keeping your chakras balanced and functioning will prevent problems and illnesses. Reiki involves hand placements targeting all major chakras to remove all negative energies and blockages that stand in the way of your normal energy flow like a rock in a stream. After these negative forms of energies are removed, your stream of energy is recovered and flows smoothly through your body. It is a natural and safe method of curing that can be used by anyone.

During healing hands are placed on the affected areas that need to be cured. Reiki has been known to be one of the most effective methods of curing the root chakra. Even though the root chakras is at the base of the spine, hands are placed at somewhere near the location of the spine.

Gemstones can also be used for healing. As the root chakra is concerned with the color red, rubies, garnets and red jasper can be used to clear the root chakra.

Steps for performing Reiki healing on the Root Chakra

Reiki practitioners might have their own technique for balancing the root chakra, below is just one of the methods that many find effective.

  1. Lie down and relax. Make sure you are comfortable and do not cross your arms and legs.
  2. Place both of your hands with your palms down on your lower abdomen.
  3. Visualize a river of energy passing down from the palm of your hands turning into a fast turning bright red ball. Direct your thoughts towards this energy ball and the energy that is being sent.
  4. You might feel some warmth spreading through your body as the chakra gets cleared.

Healing of the Root Chakra with Reiki brings back all the comforts in our life; it brings calm and tranquility, and leads a healthy and happy life.

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