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Reiki and Acupressure

Some people believe that Reiki is a derived form of acupressure. Even though there is no evidence from the history, Reiki and Acupressure follow similar processes in treating people and have similar effects and results. It is an established fact now that Reiki originated from Japan, but scholars are not sure about origins of acupressure as some believe it originates from Japan, while others believe that it was first practiced in China or India. The origins are hard to determine but the modern form of acupressure are established in Japan and China.

Both promote healing within human body and enable body to heal naturally. But while Reiki can be used by touching the body or even from distance, acupressure can only be used by touching human body on few pressure points that results in improved circulation and released stress. Some Acupressure experts believe that Reiki, along with some other self healing techniques like Su Jok, Shiatsu, Atmena and Jin Shin, are derived from acupressure and are actually types of acupressure.


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Similarities and Differences

There are many similarities between the two. Both use light touch (even though, as mentioned, Reiki works just ass without touching) using hands to balance energy within body. This can help in releasing toxins from body, to relive stress and to promote healing. Both healing methods use whole body approach to relieve stress and to encourage proper blood circulation.

A difference is that Reiki allows and follows other alternative healing techniques like use of crystals, homeopathic medicine and aromatherapy. Reiki is easier to learn as compared to acupressure, as just attending a course in a weekend could be enough (though some Masters recommend more extensive training).

Both Reiki and Acupressure work based on the belief that health and mental problems are caused due to our unnatural way of life, lack of exercise, bad eating habits, living in stress, and poor physical postures that ultimately decrease the ability of human body to heal itself. Both work to enhance body’s natural curative abilities by maintaining and empowering life force energy in body.

Reiki Therapy and Acupressure Points

Both techniques’ practitioners use acupressure points to simulate body and to channel life force energy into the body. Many Reiki therapists find it more convenient to use acupressure points for transferring energy.

Some of the important acupressure healing points can be used for vital emotional healing (The point is situated between spine and shoulder blades at heart level), heavenly pillar (This point is situated one and a half inch below the skull base and one and a half inch out from the spine) and gates of consciousness (This acupressure point is situated in the hollows between two neck muscles right under the base of the skull). Similarly, other acupressure points can be used to quickly transfer energy into human body to relive stress, headaches, stiff necks and anxiety.

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