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Purify Your Food with Reiki

Another technique you can use to Reiki your food is to place a cleansing violet energy flame under the table where the food is set.

To do this, follow these steps, and remember to get creative and add your own twist:

Image by badjonni

  1. Place the food you’re about to eat on the table
  2. Draw the mental healing symbol on or over the table and start the Reiki flow
  3. Imagine a violet purifying flame starts forming under the table
  4. Draw the Cho Ku Rei to increase the flow of energy, such that the flame grows until it encompasses the food
  5. Say or intend: May this food be purified and filled with love and light, for the highest good of all
  6. Let the flame burn for a while, or as long as your intuition indicates
  7. Turn off the flame and seal the scene with the Power Symbol

This technique takes 2-3 minutes to complete, and it will make your food tastier and more energizing. Bon appétit :).

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