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Reiki Your Food

Article by Bhavna Bhosale

We all love eating and enjoying yummy food … Don’t we? Variety of food just satisfies our taste buds. We all want to enjoy different variety, cuisines…specialty foods of the places where we travel.

But nowadays we have so many concerns about the food. Is it really going to be good, healthy, hygienic for that matter the food we cook at our home also? We also want to be sure about its nutritional value.

Ever thought if Reiki can help you in the same? Yes, indeed it’s a magical wound we have in our hands. Just Reiki your food!! This will not only increase the nutritional value of the same but also will make it free from any negative cords which might have got connected, till the food reaches in your plate.

Reiki Your Food

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An easy way which I follow to Reiki my food in as mentioned below:

  • In case you are cooking the food, just draw CKRSHK – CKR on your food with the intention that as you are handling the food the Reiki is flowing in the same and increasing the nutritional value and giving the satisfaction and health to all the people to whom the food is being served.
  • In case you are the one who is just going to eat the ready food as we go to restaurants, Reiki your food with your third eye chakra intending that Reiki is flowing into the food and removing all the negativity or any negative cords attached to the food and this food is only giving pleasure and health. Draw CKR – SHK – CKR.

In this way, you can make the food healthy for all your near and dear ones!

So much gratitude towards Reiki for making life so simple and easy.

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Bhavna Bhosale
Bhavna Bhosale

Bhavna Bhosale is an HR professional and Reiki Master Healer based in Mumbai, India. An extreme positive person with an immense interest in the spiritual modalities. She is passionate about helping others by bringing the positive changes in their lives. Reiki has helped her to discover the purpose of her soul to connect with others and empower them by helping themselves. She feels that Reiki is not just a spiritual modality, but a way of life. She can be reached at energiesallaround@gmail.com for Reiki Learning or Healing Appointments.

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