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Reiki and Food

Article by Ashwita Goel, Reiki Master

Most of us have heard of the phrase ‘we are what we eat’, but do we really understand this? If we stop to wonder what role food plays in our lives, we realise that we’ve greatly underestimated the importance of food.

Food is what provides the raw material to construct our body. Eventually, that which is on your plate, will be a part of your hair, your skin, bones and organs. The food we buy may not only be interlaced with chemicals, but also with various kind of vibrations picked up from the farmers and the vendors that sell them.

Healing the food you eat will have a direct impact not only on your physical health, but also on the state of your mind. Healing your food for all 3 meals for about 40 days should bring about quite a change in your life.

Reiki while Eating

You can Reiki your food before you eat. The process could be as simple as placing your hands a couple of inches above the food and requesting Reiki to heal it and charge it with loving energies.

I prefer asking Reiki to heal every hand that touched the food on its way to my plate. I start by drawing the distance healing symbol, asking Reiki to connect to all the people that played a role in bringing this food to my plate. I then follow it up with the emotional healing symbol, asking Reiki to heal all these people and bring them peace, and with the power symbol to seal the healing.

Reiki while Cooking

Cooking is a powerful time to bring healing to the entire family. The journey of healing, however, can begin much before the process of cooking itself. You can imagine your shopping cart to be filled with energy before you start, mentally sealing in a warm welcome to all the vegetables that you place in the energy field. You can request Reiki to flow through your hands into the food as you chop the vegetables or wash the grains.

Using metal spoons and ladles while cooking makes the process of healing the food really easy, because all you need to do is say the Reiki prayer and ask it to flow out of your hands, through your spoon into your food. You could also use the spoon to draw the symbols in the dish – really easy if you’re making curry. You’ll find that food cooked this way is not only tastier, but you also tend to make less mistakes while cooking.

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Ashwita Goel
Ashwita Goel

Having learned Meditation as a child, Ashwita incorporated Reiki into her life during her early teens. After a decade of witnessing the magic Reiki, she felt compelled to take up Reiki professionally, and ended her corporate career in 2007, taking up Reiki full-time. She eventually incorporated EFT, hypnotherapy and past life therapy into her work. Apart from her healing work, she teaches Reiki and meditation, and her book ‘Healing Through Reiki’ is available on Amazon. You can connect with her through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Reiki.Bangalore,
her website http://www.reiki-bangalore.com/ or visit her blog http://www.ashwita.com/zen/

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  • PAREE June 22, 2015, 5:09 am

    Big thanks Ashwita Vajandar Ji, for your wonderful article on “Reiki and Food”. I always thank my Things like (old refrigerator, old closet, chairs etc which i do not use). Before I give my things away to a person or throw things. I always take my time to thank them as they have really helped me. But as from today i will reiki & thanks my food + heal every hand that touched the food on its way to my plate.

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