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Co-relation of Reiki and Science

Even though skeptics will always find flaws in the studies and experiments involving Reiki, many scientific studies and researches proved that Reiki is a legitimate practice that can help people in healing physical and mental disorders.

Science in Reiki Treatment

In 1990s, two scientists did an independent research on Reiki and its treatment. The names of both scientists were Dr. John Zimmerman and Dr. Robert Becker. The basic purpose of their research was to investigate about changes that take place within human body while undergoing a Reiki treatment. They find some interesting facts.

  • They noticed that when a receiver and practitioner go into an alpha sate, the state of meditation and relaxation, the brain waves of both become synchronized.
  • Both receiver and practitioner pulse during an alpha state in union with the Schuman Resonance, another name of earth’s magnetic field.
  • During a Reiki treatment, the bio magnetic field of Practitioner’s hands that he is using to transfer energy to receiver often enhanced by 1000 times as compared to normal range.

Image by AlicePopkorn

This strange phenomenon of increased bio magnetic pulses during Reiki session was further researched upon by Zimmerman and a Japanese scientist Seto. They find that mostly the frequency of pulses become synchronized with the brain waves during a Reiki session. These pulses move up and down touching lower extreme of 0.3 Hz to higher extreme of 30 Hz. The Reiki practitioner than contain and move these frequencies to a more stable range of 7 to 8 Hz, at which the receiver goes into meditation and relaxation mode.

Medical science now proves that different range of frequencies can be used at different parts and organs of body to stimulate healing. The detailed research and its conclusion provided by Dr Becker and Dr. Zimmerman established that Reiki is as effective as any other self healing procedure.

Reiki as Established Treatment in Hospitals

More than 800 hospitals in United States are now using Reiki as an established way to relieve pain and side effects of intensive medical treatments. It becomes a standard part of medical care for many doctors and hospitals. A research was conducted about Reiki and its effects at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. According to the results derived from research, it was established that Reiki reduced pain of patients by 78 %, improved their sleep by 86 %, decrease anxiety in pregnant women by 94% and reduced nausea by 80 %. According to the reports submitted by nurses during this research, Reiki played a major role in reducing side effects of radiation, chemotherapy and other intensive medical procedures. It also helps patients in faster healing, relieves stress, less pain, improves diet and improves mental attitude.

Other Experiments

Many practitioners also performed experiments on plants to gauge Reiki effects on plants. We already discussed the experiment in detail in our article about “Reiki effects on Plants”. Two or three different sets of plants were used out of which plants that were treated by Reiki showed better results in growth. Similarly, different experiments and studies prove that Reiki effects behavior of animals.

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